Enjoy Jaggery Nutrition & Its 15 Surprising Benefits For You

What is so special about Jaggery and why is jaggery nutrition so important for you?

In today’s world, people have been facing so many problems like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and many more. If you look into what is the primary factor that is causing these problems to the people of today’s modern world, it most definitely sugar. The sugar that is white and in a crystallized form is processed through using a number of chemicals. 

But nobody has been concerned about the side effects of it until they are affected by it. If you are looking for an alternative of sugar, then without a doubt go for jaggery. Jaggery nutrition is well documented for its enormous health benefits.

What is Jaggery?

 Jaggery is an excellent substitute for white sugar. All nutrients in white sugar are removed during processing. Besides its sweet taste, it does not contain any nutrients. On the other hand, jaggery is processed without any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Therefore, it is a healthy and natural sweetener.

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Jaggery vs Sugar? What is the difference?

Jaggery is a type of unrefined sugar product that is typically obtained from sugarcane. Jaggery primarily originated in parts of Asia and Africa.

You say sugar also comes from sugarcane, what’s the difference? The difference between sugar and jaggery is the way they are being processed. Sugar goes through a number of stages of processing using chemicals, which in turn drains all the healthy benefits from it, thus making it an artificial product causing health problems.

Jaggery, on the other, doesn’t go through for any treatment or crystallization process, hence keeping the nutrients that are needed for a healthy body. Jaggery comprises of molasses, which make it more nutrient than refined sugar.

If one compares Jaggery vs Sugar, then Jaggery has a lot of health benefits.

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Jaggery nutrition value per 100 grams

When you see the composition in sugar, it is purely composed of sucrose. Whereas, jaggery is composed of sucrose, trace minerals salts, iron, and small quantities of fibre. You are making it a better option for a healthy lifestyle.

There are so many health benefits that Jaggery Nutrition provides us.

Below is an account of nutrition facts with jaggery calories included in every 100 grams of Jaggery.

  • Calories: 383.
  • Sucrose: 65–85 grams.
  • Fructose and glucose: 10–15 grams.
  • Protein: 0.4 grams.
  • Fat: 0.1 grams.
  • Iron: 11 mg, or 61% of the RDI.
  • Magnesium: 70-90 mg, or about 20% of the RDI.
  • Potassium: 1050 mg, or 30% of the RDI.
  • Manganese: 0.2–0.5 mg, or 10–20% of the RDI.

*Recommended (or reference) daily intake is the quantity of a particular nutrient which should be consumed daily in order to maintain good health.

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Enjoy Jaggery Nutrition Its 15 Surprising Benefits For You The Nutrition Hunt TNH 2 jaggery nutrition FOOD NUTRITION, TNH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar
Gur Moongfali Gazak: An amazing jaggery-peanut sweet dish for you to taste now.

Here are the 15 surprising health benefits for you if you take Jaggery on a regular basis.

We are going to look at the benefits jaggery provides us in order to make and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below are a few of the Jaggery benefits:

1. Jaggery nutrition is amazing for improving your digestion. 

In India, it’s common to consume jaggery after a heavy meal or meal containing meat. Jaggery is said to activate the digestive enzymes in the stomach, which is converted into acetic acid, thus enhancing the digestion process and smoothening it. Consumption of jaggery after a meal prevents and relieves constipation, and overall it stimulates the bowel movements, which is the key to good health.

2. Jaggery nutrition is a great immunity booster for you.

Consumption of jaggery increases the body’s immunity level and hence helps in fighting against a lot of infectious diseases. You can fight symptoms of cold, cough, and flu with the help of jaggery.

One can consume jaggery as a chunky rock-like candy, which can be chewed. Else one can consume it with warm water or tea.

Jaggery is consumed by people living in cold areas because jaggery produces heat in the body.

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3. Jaggery nutrition is a preferred choice of many people for its blood pressure control benefits. 

To have normal blood pressure is highly essential to one’s health. Having high or low blood pressure, neither is good for your health. The jaggery is rich in minerals like sodium and potassium. Both these minerals play a vital role in maintaining blood pressure. Hence Consumption of jaggery on a daily bases makes help to control blood pressure.

4. Jaggery nutrition is amazing for its blood purification properties. 

Another one of the well-known benefits of jaggery is that it has the ability to purify the blood. Consumption of jaggery on a regular basis keeps the blood in our body clean and healthy.

Jaggery contributes to increasing the total count of haemoglobin in the blood, thus boosting immunity.

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5. Jaggery nutrition is great for anaemia prevention. 

Since jaggery is enriched in iron, it helps in preventing anaemia by ensuring the presence of a normal level of red blood cells. This is especially very important for a pregnant woman for whom it is highly beneficial.

6. Jaggery nutrition aids long-lasting healthy skin effects for you. 

Jaggery is an important benefactor in beauty treatments. Jaggery consists of natural properties that make sure that the skin keeps healthy all times

The presence of many vital minerals and vitamins in jaggery provides nourishment to every part of the body, including the skin.

Jaggery assists in treating and preventing skin problems like acne and pimples. Hence it keeps the skin free of blemishes and delays the signs of ageing like dark spots and wrinkles.

7. Jaggery nutrition is well known for its liver detox health benefits.

In our modern lifestyle, the diets we consume consist of toxins that are accumulated in the body. Because of this, we face many health issues. The primary function of the liver in our body is to remove these harmful toxins and other such impurities from our bodies.

Jaggery is a natural cleanser that helps the liver in the detoxification process for our body. Jaggery helps in removing the harmful toxins present in our body, thus making our body healthy.

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Enjoy Jaggery Nutrition Its 15 Surprising Benefits For You The Nutrition Hunt TNH 3 jaggery nutrition FOOD NUTRITION, TNH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar
Til laddus: A popular jaggery-sesame sweet dish for you to check out.

8. Jaggery nutrition is very helpful in the prevention of respiratory problems. 

Respiratory problems, such as bronchitis and asthma, can make breathing very hard. Since medieval times jaggery has been used in ayurvedic treatments for curing and preventing respiratory problems.

It is believed that Consumption of jaggery soothes and nourishes the inflamed airways providing alleviation and keeps the problem from getting worse. The nourishment provided by jaggery helps you become resistant to infections.

9. Jaggery nutrition good for treating body aches and pain in the joints.

For older people, body aches and pain in the joints becomes a common problem. We need to provide some extra care for them. The older generation rather has pretty extensive knowledge of the health benefits of jaggery. Consumption of jaggery with milk on a daily basis helps in reducing joint pain and may also help in strengthening bones and help to reduce arthritis pain.

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10. Jaggery Nutrition aids healthy weight loss for you. 

Jaggery is an effective agent in aiding people who are trying to lose weight. If you are someone looking to reduce unwanted weight, then include jaggery in your diet plan.

Jaggery is a great source of potassium, which is a key mineral that helps in maintaining weight and improving our metabolism. These are some of the factors that are vital in losing weight, thus making jaggery work as an effective weight loss agent.

Retention of water in our body is a major problem when making weight loss. The presence of potassium in jaggery helps in reducing the retention of water and helps in managing your weight.

11. Jaggery nutrition gives superb body cleansing benefits for you. 

Are you staying in a city or a place where the pollution is at a problematic level? Then you must probably think out, including jaggery in your daily diet may help you a lot.

I say this because jaggery is a natural cleanser and is greatly efficient in cleansing harmful entities that enter your body. It is highly helpful in cleaning the respiratory tract, the lungs, the stomach, and the intestines. Jaggery is also helpful in clearing the harmful toxins in the body. Therefore it is hugely recommended to people living in highly polluted areas.

The anti-allergic properties that are provided by the jaggery help in fighting allergies caused by cold and flu in the winter. Jaggery aids in purification of blood. After the blood is detoxified, the body gets improved blood flow.

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12. Jaggery Nutrition is also effective for menstrual problems. 

Due to the richness of minerals in jaggery, it provides natural and effective treatment to menstrual problems, mainly providing relief from the cramps. You can eat jaggery to tackle the sudden mood swings which occur before your periods and also to combat symptoms of PMS. It aids in the release of endorphins which relax your body and prevent premenstrual syndrome.

13. Jaggery nutrition helps in improving male fertility. 

In ayurvedic treatments, Consumption of jaggery mixed with amla powder can aid in increasing the sperm count of a man. It also improves the quality of the sperms produced.

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14. Jaggery nutrition may help tackle urinary problems. 

The sugarcane is a natural diuretic. This property is also possessed by jaggery since it is basically extracted from sugarcane. It aids in the stimulation of the urination process for people of all ages who face this problem. It helps in reducing any inflammations of the bladder and consuming a glass of warm milk with jaggery to treat urinary problems and improve urine outflow.

15. Jaggery nutrition provides easy treatment of hiccups. 

If you are facing the problem of hiccups, and you are not able to get rid of it, or you don’t know-how, the best way to treat hiccups, then need not to worry. You can get treatment by eating a small chunk of jaggery. To get rid of hiccups, you can mix some jaggery and a small quantity of ginger powder in a glass of warm water. It’ll provide an excellent relieve for hiccups.

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Enjoy Jaggery Nutrition Its 15 Surprising Benefits For You The Nutrition Hunt TNH 4 jaggery nutrition FOOD NUTRITION, TNH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar
Sugar cane is the natural source of jaggery.

Conclusive remarks on Jaggery nutrition

Since jaggery doesn’t have many processing stages, it is free from chemical additives and therefore is loaded with many nutrients. Because of its natural property, this product has got the name for being the best alternative for sugar, which is actually healthy for you.

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