10 Best Tips For You: How To Better Use Almond Oil for Hair?

Effective Uses And Benefits Of Almond Oil On Hair

What is the first thing that comes in the mind when someone hears or read the word, Almond? It’s Memory, right. Almond is full of Vitamin E, which helps in improving Memory by enhancing alertness and impeding the cognitive decline.

Almond other than being a brain food also has various other benefits like the oil extract is beneficial for your hair and skin. Especially for hair, people have been using Almond oil as part of hair treatment as it has proved to have nutrients which nourish the hair. Let’s make you totally surprised with almond oil for hair growth before and after.

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Some of the benefits of using Almond Oil for Hair with natural hair care tips are as under.

1. Almond Oil Makes the Hair Stronger

Almonds contain magnesium as well as oleic acid and linoleic acid, which works to make the hair healthy and stronger. These nutrients help in improving the resilience of the hair.

Other than that, the presence of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant in Almond oil, helps in tackling the environmental stress that the hair goes through. Thus, due to these nutrients using Almond oil for hair makes the mane stronger and healthier.

2. Almond Oil Helps in Treating Scalp Conditions and Inflammations.

Many people suffer from itchy scalp, dandruff, flaky scalp or scalp psoriasis, to treat these conditions using Almond oil is one of the well-known treatments suggested for a natural cure.

Using Almond oil for hair has benefited people suffering from scalp conditions when it is applied directly on the scalp and massaged nicely. The anti-inflammatory properties of the Almond oil reduce the irritation on the scalp as well as improves the blood circulation.

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3. Almond Oil Helps in Taming Frizzy Hair

Having frizzy and unmanageable hair is one of the most irritating thing people with long hair face. Frizzy hair is difficult to maintain, and no amount of styling usually helps the mane to settle. Using Almond oil for hair that is frizzy has proven to tame the frizziness.

Hair becomes frizzy and unmanageable when the moisture in hair fails to get sealed into the cuticles of the hair. Almond oil, when used regularly helps in locking the moisture into the hair cuticles making the hair frizz-free and smooth.

4. Almond Oil Prevents Split-ends.

Almond oil for hair when used with castor oil is an extremely effective blend which helps in preventing the split ends. This blend, when used regularly helps in hydrating the hair and thus keeping split-ends at bay.

Almond oil has a remarkable amount of Zinc, magnesium and calcium in it and these nutrients help in hair growth as well as work in preventing hair thinning. Using Almond oil for hair as a regularly will ensure that there is no split-ends as well as less of hair loss and will give you long lustrous and healthy mane.

5. Almond Oil Reduces Damaged Hair.

Using Almond oil for hair spa regime helps in reducing the damage to the hair. Almond oil has lubricating properties to it, that helps in repairing the damages of the hair done during styling or due to the use of harsh products. By using Almond Oil regularly, it will help in improving the damaged hair and will bring back the shine of the hair.

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10 Best Tips For You How To Better Use Almond Oil for Hair The Nutrition Hunt TNH 3 almond oil for hair TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Various Ways to Use Almond Oil on Hair

There are multiple ways one can make use of Almond oil for hair treatments. Below are some of the usual ways that people apply Almond oil on hair: 

1. Direct application

Double heat 3-4 tablespoon of Almond oil and with the help of a cotton ball or fingertips dap the Almond oil all over the scalp generously and massage your scalp of 10-15 minutes using your fingertips. Either keep it for one or two hours or leave it overnight, later wash your hair normally with shampoo suiting your hair type.

2. Mixing with other oils

Why take advantage of the nutrients of only Almond oil for hair, mix castor oil or olive oil or coconut oil with Almond oil in equal proportion. Double heat the oil and apply it all over the scalp and length of hair, followed by a good massage of 10-15 minutes, keep it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

Additionally, after applying Almond oil for hair treatment on the scalp and length of the hair, do hot towel treatment by taking a towel and dipping it in hot water, squeeze out the water from the towel and wrap this warm towel on your hair like a turban and leave it for 10-15 minutes. The hot towel helps the oil applied on the hair to penetrate properly into the hair strands, thus making it more effective.

3. Use it in Hair Mask

You can use Almond oil for hair masks that will help in giving that extra nourishment to your mane. Take an egg, add one-two tablespoon of Almond oil in it and mix it properly. You can either use this mask as it is or if you don’t want the egg to run down from your scalp put one tablespoon of Heena or Amla powder (Indian Gooseberry powder) into the egg and Almond oil mix to get a smooth paste-like consistency and then apply it on your hair. Additionally, you can use some good fragrant essential oil for keeping the smell of egg at bay.

Another hair mask where Almond oil can be incorporated is by taking two ripe green bananas and take 4-5 tablespoons of Almond oil. Mash them properly and form a thick paste without any lumps. Apply this hair mask on your hair.

After applying either of the Almond oil hair masks, leave them for 45 minutes to one hour and wash it off thoroughly using a good shampoo and later air dry your hair.

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10 Best Tips For You How To Better Use Almond Oil for Hair The Nutrition Hunt TNH 4 almond oil for hair TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

4. Make Your Hair concoction

Another way to use Almond oil for hair treatment is to make use of other ingredients which are equally beneficial for your hair. Take four to five tablespoons of Almond oil in a pan. To this 6-7 curry leaves and one hibiscus flower. Heat these till it boils nicely and cool it till it becomes lukewarm.

Apply this lukewarm oil on your scalp and length of the hair and massage your scalp and hot towel treatment after that, keep the oil for few hours and wash it off normally using shampoo.

You can also make a large quantity of this Almond oil concoction and store it in a warm place for further use.

5. Used as a Leave-in Conditioner

Almond oil is an excellent leave-in conditioner for your hair. After your hair wash apply three or four drops of almond oil through the length of your semi-dried hair. The Almond oil will not only give a beautiful, healthy shine to your mane, but it will also protect the hair from pollution, dust and other factors damaging the hair.

Some FAQs On Benefits Of Almond Oil For Skin And Hair

  • Q: What are the benefits of Almond Oil?
  • A: Packed with various nutrients like Vitamin A & Vitamin E, Zinc, magnesium and many other nutrients, Almond oil helps in nourishing not only your hair by making it healthy and shiny but also help in taking care of the skin and overall body massage as well which is suitable to all the skin types.
  • Q: Can I use Almond Oil every day?
  • A: It is recommended to use Almond oil for hair treatment once a week, as oiling the scalp every day will make it sensitive, which will lead to more hair fall. So, keep the usage limited to once a week for long lustrous shiny hair.
  • Q: How long should I keep the oil on my hair?
  • A: You can keep the Almond oil for hair treatment for one or two hours as well as overnight depending upon your time availability. Either way, do not forget to massage your scalp and do the hot towel treatment. 
  • Q: Is Almond oil benefits limited to hair only?
  • A: No, the usage of Almond oil is not limited to hair. People are using Almond oil for hair as well as for face and body too. It is an excellent cleanser that moisturises, and it also helps in lightening the scars as well as help in reducing the puffiness of the eyes.
  • Q: How to use Almond oil on the face? 
  • A: Take a small quantity, i.e. three or four drops of Almond oil on your palm and apply the oil all over the face and neck. Apply the oil using upward motion and in the same way, massage the entire face for at least 10-15 minutes. Then wash the oil off your face using a face wash.

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10 Best Tips For You How To Better Use Almond Oil for Hair The Nutrition Hunt TNH 5 almond oil for hair TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

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