10 Amazing Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair – Must Try!

Why Sesame Oil for Hair is a must try for you? 

Spending handsome amounts on beauty products is not only a necessity but also a trend now. Just like your skin, your hair also deserves the same care and attention.

Every day our hair is exposed to germs, oil, sweat and pollution. These weaken our hair roots and the most common outcome is hair loss and split ends.

There’s no such brand invented yet which can reduce your hair loss in a day. But have you heard about Sesame Oil? No, it doesn’t help in hair growth in a day but gives amazing results within a few weeks.

Sesame oil for hair is popularly known as “Gingelly Oil.” It is incredibly nourishing, and it’s clinically proven that sesame oil works wonders for hair. Sesame is widely used as a cooking oil and is yellowish in colour. But besides being used in the kitchen, it has attracted a lot of fans for its unbelievable beauty properties.

Sesame Oil – Origin 

The origin of Sesame Oil lies back to 5000 years ago. The oil was invented in India and was later exported to Mesopotamia and other countries in 2500 BC.

What SESAME OIL Contains?

The oil is loaded with B complex, Vitamin E, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium and a lot of other acids and minerals which nourish the deepest hair roots.

Among the acids, Sesame oil contains Fatty acid, Stearic acid, oleic acid, to name a few. It also includes the right amount of Vitamin E and K known for its skin and hair healing properties.

Sesame Oil Extraction Process 

The Sesame oil used for both cooking and as a beauty product is extracted by roasting the oilseeds. The oil which is obtained without roasting the oilseeds is called Virgin Sesame Oil.

Sesame Oil for Hair Growth Before and After 

An experiment was carried out at Keimyung University. Some five weeks old mice were divided into three groups. The first group applied saline solution. The second group applied Minoxidil (best topical hair loss treatment), and the third group applied Sesame Oil.

After six weeks, the third group gained more hair growth as compared to group one and group two. It proved Sesame oil for hair is the best solution to get thick and long hairs.

10 Amazing Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair Must Try TNH 4 sesame oil for hair TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

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Sesame oil vs coconut oil for hair

Most of the household uses coconut oil for hair growth and to keep the hair nourished. But if one looks at the disadvantages offered by coconut oil, then you will surely choose Sesame Oil for hair.

Coconut oil belongs to the coolant class. It’s a common observation that we apply coconut oil in burned areas to enable cooling of the burnt skin. People having asthma, a tendency to cough and cold or migraine can easily get affected by the application of coconut oil. It is also observed that coconut oil leads to hair fall, although the cases are quite rare.

Sesame oil doesn’t worsen cold and cough or leads to hair fall. Both coconut oil and sesame oil have the same benefits, but Sesame oil for hair is the better alternative if you want to keep aside all the disadvantages.

10 Amazing Benefits of using Sesame Oil for Hair 

10 Amazing Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair Must Try TNH 3 sesame oil for hair TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

1) Facilitates Hair Growth 

In a world where we are exposed to pollution, hair fall and rough air is a common scenario. Massaging Sesame oil in the scalp relaxes your nerves, provides nourishment to hair follicles and leads to rapid hair growth. Sesame oil for hair is also suitable for protecting your hair after hair colouring or any other chemical treatment.

2) Fewer chances of Bacteria and Fungi 

An oil which keeps Bacteria away? Sesame oil is the answer. Say bye to all the bad hair odour and hair loss because Sesame oil for hair is proven to be antibacterial and antifungal. Besides nourishing your hair, it also keeps your hair safe from germs.

3) Hair remains young 

Have you noticed people around getting grey hairs? Teenagers are getting grey hairs, and it’s not a matter of astonishment. Premature greying of hair occurs due to lack of proper hair nutrition and chemicals. Massage Sesame oil into your scalp once in a week and your natural hair colour will be ready to hug you soon. Sesame oil helps to darken the hair and thus prevents greying of hair.

4) Cures damaged hair 

Sesame oil takes seconds to get into the scalp, and thus it cures damaged hair faster than any other oil. Sesame oil for hair gives your oil a complete treatment.

5) Helps to reduce stress 

Sesame oil acts as a stress-reducing agent. Its soothing formula helps to relieve your daily stress and gives you a gift of a tension-free day.

6) Sun Protection 

Sesame oil is proven to give protection from UV rays of the sun. Exposure to the hot sun for long hours and cause your hair colour to fade, and sesame oil provides a layer to your hair. Thus the chances of getting exposed to harmful UV rays are reduced to a great extent.

7) Known for dandruff removal properties

Tired of those flaky white particles? Whether you have dry scalp or oily scalp, dandruff is common to both. Sesame oil reduces fungal growth and thus removes dandruff too.

8) Kills head lice 

Sesame oil is antibacterial and kills insects too. Thus besides using Sesame oil for thicker hair, sesame oil is highly recommended for killing head lice.

9) Sesame oil removes stress 

Sesame oil contains a lot of nutrients which provides a soothing effect. Due to its soothing properties, it can be used as a massage oil for hair to remove stress, lower blood pressure and provide a relaxing sleep.

10) Adds shine to hair 

Bored with your dull and dry hair? Add some drops of sesame oil to your hair and massage well before stepping out. Your hair will shine and will also be moisturised.

Best ways to use Sesame Oil

Above mentioned points have proven that Sesame oil is perfect for your hair. To enrich your hair with the goodness of Sesame, you can consume a tablespoon of sesame seeds every morning.

Secondly, sesame oil can be used as a cooking oil. It can also be consumed with salads. Using Sesame oil to massage the hair is the best solution to get the best effects. Use sesame oil for thicker hair. You can also use it as a hair mask or serum, which is readily available in the market.

Homemade tips for using Sesame oil

1) Sesame oil for thicker hair

Massage the oil with your fingertips all over your scalp and hair. Rinse your hair with shampoo after a day or 4-5 hours. Sesame oil has contents of omega-6 and thus nourishes your hair follicles.

2) Sesame oil for UV protection

Sesame oil, being an oily product acts as a layer and doesn’t allow any harmful rays to weaken your hair. Sesame oil acts as a UV protection for your hair.  

3) Sesame oil for Hair fall

Sesame oil works in the best way to control hair fall. The antioxidants present in it reduces hair fall.

4) Sesame oil for dandruff

Massage the oil to your scalp and leave overnight. Rinse your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo for best results against dandruff. Regular use of Sesame oil reduces dandruff.

5) Sesame oil for damaged hair

Apply the oil and wash off after some hours. It protects hair from damage. Adding some protein to the oil like egg white adds additional benefit in curing damaged hair.

Sesame Seeds does Wonders too

10 Amazing Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair Must Try TNH 2 sesame oil for hair TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Besides using sesame oil for hair, you can also consume or use sesame seeds to improve the quality of your hair. Sesame seeds contain a whole lot of nutrients which is sure to give bouncy hair volume. The nutrients are Vitamin B1, Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper and Iron.

Hair fall doesn’t occur only due to dandruff, pollution or chemical exposure. If your hair is deprived of the proper nutrients hair follicles weakens and gives rise to hair fall problem. Using Sesame seeds is highly recommended too.

Using Sesame oil for hair generally doesn’t have any side effects except the fact that some people may experience allergic reactions. Otherwise, it can be used for any hair type by a person of any age.

So here was a complete solution to all your hair problems with just a single product. Use Sesame oil and have beautiful hairs.

Some additional FAQs on Sesame Oil for Hair

  • Q1) Can Sesame oil have any side effects?
  • A: Sesame oil doesn’t have any side effect except that it contains high omega-6 and should not be consumed in excessive amounts. An appropriate number of sesame seeds consumption is good for health and hair.
  • Q2) Does Sesame oil have any specific hair type?
  • A: Sesame oil can be used for all hair type.
  • Q3) How can Sesame seeds be used in a hair treatment? 
  • A: You can consume sesame seeds as a whole or you may boil it with some hair oil and apply it in your hairs.
  • Q4) Is there any proper method to store Sesame oil? 
  • A: Try to use a bottle or container that is dry and airtight. Close the bottle cap or lid properly after use.
  • Q5) What are the other benefits of Sesame oil? 
  • A: Sesame is enriched with a lot of minerals and nutrients. It is suitable for dental health and works as an excellent natural health supplement.

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