6 Best Cooking Oil Tips For You

Cooking oil is the most versatile ingredient which can be observed in almost each and every kitchen of the world. Cooking oil can be used either as a base for some recipes or as a flavour to some cuisines.

But do you know? By using these best cooking oil tips, you can improve the quality and taste of your food with overall good kitchen experience. I bet, you must be eager to know these tips.

Stay tuned for the 6 best cooking oil tips, we are going to discuss with you:

Tip 1: Choose suitable cooking oil
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This is the most important cooking oil tip everyone should know. You cannot use one cooking oil for all the recipes. You need different cooking oils for different recipes.

For example, if you are using cold-pressed oil then it is suitable for baking. But you can’t use it for deep frying because its ingredients decompose in the presence of high heat and it becomes harmful for consumption.

On the other hand, you can use palm oil and peanut oil for deep-frying because they can bear the temperature up to 450°C. Similarly, coconut oil is best for roasting.

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Tip 2: Use only the required amount of cooking oil
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This is the healthiest cooking oil tip because most people think, using a lot of cooking oil can enhance the taste of their food. But this is only a myth. Even one tablespoon of oil can add magical flavour to your recipe.

According to experts, one tablespoon of oil contains 100 to 150 calories. Hence only one tablespoon of cooking oil is enough for one pan.

Therefore, avoid using an excess of cooking oil because it can affect your health badly.

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Tip 3: Store the cooking oil in a cool place

Always store your cooking oil in the darkest and coolest place of your refrigerator. It helps to maintain the quality and taste of your cooking oil.

This cooking oil tip is very confusing because when you keep cooling oil in the refrigerator, a cloudy kind of foam appears inside it. People usually throw out that oil. They think it becomes unfit for consumption.

But it doesn’t affect the quality and taste of your food. When you take off the oil from the fridges that cloudy foam will disappear within a few minutes.

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Tip 4: Reuse the used oil
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Most people want to know this cooking oil tip. If you fry something, would you be able to reuse the leftover oil?

Take a strainer and strain all the leftover oil in a bowl. After then put it in an empty vessel with the help of a funnel.

Using this trick you can save a lot of cooking oil and reuse it. But don’t do this whole process with hot oil. Wait for the oil to cool down and then strain it. Also, don’t use any kind of plastic vessels in this process and don’t forget to use the leftover oil within 1 or 2 times; minimize repeated usage.

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Tip 5: Use oil spray
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If you are one of those calorie conscious people, you may follow this cooking oil tip. Use cooking oil spray instead of cooking oil tablespoons. Since it is in the form of a spray, therefore, very less amount of spray is used for any recipe.

Also, it is very easy to use. You just need to spray a little amount of oil on a pan and you are ready to cook. It lowers the chances of burning. And you can easily find it on any grocery store.

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Tip 6: Safety

Safety is very important when you are using cooking oils. Because a very less amount of oil can cause burn on your skin and leaves a mark. Always try to follow, the following rules:

  • Do not throw your food directly into the hot oil. Always put it gently from the edges of the pan.
  • Make sure your food is water-free because a single drop of water can cause splattering of the oil.
  • Ask your children to stay away from the gas when you are frying something.
  • Don’t use cell phones while cooking.

All these cooking oil tips are very useful. You may follow all these tips to increase safety as well as food taste while using your regular cooking oil.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding cooking oil tips. You may leave a comment in the comment box.

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