Buffalo Milk Nutrition: Know 4 Ways How It’s Best For You?

Buffalo Milk Nutrition & Its Best Health Benefits For You

Have you ever thought about why it is important to drink milk daily? Why you always got scolded by your mother for not drinking your glassful of milk? This is the question that has crossed our minds most of the mind.

Well, it’s time to know about some health benefits of milk, which would help us to drink it more. Milk is a beverage having lots of benefits in it. It is a complete food source, providing all types of nutrition, protein, and potassium in it.

Many dietary products are made from milk like cheese, curd, butter, etc. having their unique benefits. Milk helps our body to fight against many diseases. It helps eliminate Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, cancer, alleviate Heartburn, osteoporosis, reduce the risk of fractures, etc.

The possible question that people often think is, does buffalo milk, cow’s milk, goat milk have the same value of nutrients in it? Which milk is the healthiest of all? This article reviews the benefits of Buffalo milk, it’s nutrients, and it’s a comparison with other milk.

Let’s Know More About World’s Favourite Buffalo Milk

Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) are mammals, i.e., they are milk-producing animals. Buffalo milk is famous all over the world and used everywhere. It is 2nd most popular milk after cow’s milk.

In Asia, buffalo milk is considered a wholesome beverage, and they used it in their primary diet. It constitutes over 12% of the global milk production. Buffalo milk is richer and heavier than any other milk.

Therefore, it is used to make cream, butter, and ghee. Buffalo milk nutrition has many health benefits. It is rich in essential nutrients, fat, phosphorus, vitamins and magnesium.

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Facts About Buffalo Milk Nutritional Value That You Should Know

  • In 1 cup (244g) of buffalo milk, around 237 Kcal calories from fat, 151.29 Kcal (calories) are present.
  • Consuming 1 cup of Buffalo milk, it offers 9.15 g of proteins, 16.81g of total fat, 12.64g of carbohydrates, 412mg of calcium, 0.29mg of iron, 76mg of Magnesium, 285 mg of Phosphorus, 127mg of Sodium, 0.54mg of zinc, 0.112mg of copper, 0.044mg of Manganese.
  • Many vitamins like 0.127mg of vitamin B1, 0.329mg of vitamin B2, 0.222mg of vitamin B3 are present in 1cup of buffalo milk.
  • It contains different types of amino acids, like 0.129g of tryptophan, 0.444 of Threonine, 0.683g of Lysine. 
  • It contains 11.217g of Fatty acids, total saturated, 4.36g of total monounsaturated, and 0.356g of polyunsaturated. Fat-soluble vitamins are also present in Buffalo milk nutrition.

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Here is a quick review of buffalo milk nutrition facts for you.

Buffalo Milk Nutrition Best Health Benefits TNH 2 buffalo milk nutrition TNH, FOOD NUTRITION Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Serving size: 1 cup, 244g

NutrientAmount% Daily value  
Total Fat 16.81g48.03%  
Protein 9.15g18.30%  
Energy237kcal     N/D  
Calcium412 mg14.20%  
Vitamin C5.6mg6.22%  
Iron 0.29mg3.63%  
%DV values are based on 2,000 calorie diet intakes. Daily values can be different according to your daily calorie needs.

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Buffalo Milk Health Benefits That I Would Love To Share With You

Let us enjoy a tall glass of milk while discussing buffalo milk nutrition. Here are the 4 best health benefits for which buffalo milk nutrition is world-famous!

1) Buffalo milk nutrition is good to boost your immunity.

Milk is a beverage recommended by a doctor, which helps in increasing immunity. The immune system is built by the intake of vitamins, which act as antioxidants and helps in building more white blood cells.

Buffalo milk is rich in vitamins. Vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B are presented in the right amount in it, which boosts immunity.

The ascorbic acid, i.e., vitamin C, helps repair all damaged body tissue and helps in the body’s growth and development.

2) Buffalo milk nutrition provides great support in body growth and development. 

Nowadays, markets are launching many products which help in the body growth of children. Parents are also investing their fortune in buying all these products.

Whereas these products are not required to buy if the intake of milk is constant in our daily diet. Milk is a wholesome drink containing sufficient nutrients required for the growth and development of the body.

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3) Buffalo milk nutrition helps in rebalancing your cholesterol.

Buffalo milk contains less cholesterol in comparison to cow’s milk. It acts as a boon for the people suffering from cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

Everyone’s body needs cholesterol to build new cells, but too much cholesterol can lead to significant problems. It is crucial to have a check on food intake, having a high amount of cholesterol.

4) Buffalo milk nutrition is well known to help in improving your bone health.

For the bone, the development body needs a high amount of minerals and calcium. With the intake of 1 glass of Buffalo’s milk body gets 412mg of calcium.

Almost 89% of the total protein in Buffalo’s milk is protein name Casein, which plays a crucial role in increasing bone strength and density.

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Let’s Find Out The Difference Between Buffalo Milk & Cow Milk

What makes buffalo milk different from cow milk? Why, in many regions, people prefer Buffalo’s milk over cow milk? Why is buffalo milk more used in commercial use? Let us know in detail.

Buffalo milk is majorly popular in southeast Asian nations. In contrast, cow milk is majorly popular in the U.S.A., 85% of total milk production comes from a cow, and the rest 11% comes from buffaloes.

Both cow milk and buffalo milk have their pros and cons even then; one cannot deny that both are safe and healthy. The significant difference between them is the composition of carbohydrate, Fats, Protein, etc

1. Buffalo milk vs Cow milk: Consistency

Buffalo milk is creamier, rich, and thicker. It contains higher solids than cow’s milk, which makes it heavier and due to the higher solids, water present in Buffalo milk is less than that of cow milk. Whereas cow milk is lighter and less creamy than Buffalo milk.

2. Buffalo milk vs Cow milk: Fat content

Buffalo milk is recommended to people who want to gain weight. It contains almost double fat content than cow’s milk. That’s why buffalo milk is used to make heavy dairy items like paneer, curd, ghee.

3. Buffalo milk vs Cow milk: Calories content

In comparison with cow milk, the calorie content in Buffalo milk is higher. In 1 cup (250ml) of buffalo milk, almost 242 calories can be derived, while only 151 calories can be derived from 1 cup (250ml) of cow milk.

4. Buffalo milk vs Cow milk: Cholesterol content

Buffalo milk is considered to have less cholesterol than cow’s milk. Buffalo milk is preferable for those suffering from heart conditions and high cholesterol.

5. Buffalo milk vs Cow milk: Preservation

Due to the peroxidase enzyme’s high activity, buffalo milk can be preserved for a longer duration. Whereas cow milk cannot be stored for a longer duration.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions On Buffalo Milk Nutrition To Raise Your Awareness

Q1. How much milk should I drink daily?

A: Milk is an excellent source of potassium, proteins, calcium, vitamins. It has many benefits. The quantity of milk one should consume is different for men and women.

For women, 3 to 4 glasses of milk are enough to complete the requirement for their body, and for men, the amount of milk required for their body is the same. However, the amount would go up if their age is above 70 years.

Q2. Are there any side-effects of drinking too much milk?

A: Yes, when you have too much of it, it can lead to constipation. Milk contains a high amount of cholesterol, which is not suitable for people having heart problems.

People facing gas problem i.e., odorous release from the body, can avoid milk. Consumption of dairy products is not recommended to the people who have lactose intolerance.

Q3. Is drinking raw buffalo milk safe for consumption?

A: It is always advisable not to drink raw milk. Pasteurized milk or boiled milk is safe for consumption. But you will be surprised to know that in some studies, it is found out that raw milk contains lots of enzymes and nutrients which is good for digestion and immunity.

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Q4. Is buffalo ghee good for health?

A: Buffalo ghee is clarified butter made from milk. Buffalo ghee is super healthy for our body; it has lower cholesterol and more calories than cow milk. Moreover, it can be preserved for a longer duration.

Q5. How much ghee can I eat daily?

A: Ghee is beneficial for our body if we are taking in the right amount. Around 10-15 ml of ghee is recommended to consume daily. Too much of ghee can leads to an increase in weight and is bad for your health.

Q6. Is buffalo milk good for the heart?

A: Buffalo milk is extremely beneficial for good health. It is rich in calcium, ensuring good heart health. Buffalo milk has a high content of potassium, which keeps the blood pressure in check, resulting in good heart health.

Q7. Which milk is good for digestion?

A: Buffalo milk is thicker, creamier than cow’s milk, which makes it hard to digest. If you have problems related to constipation and digestion, cow’s milk is preferable. 

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The Final Words On Buffalo Milk Nutrition & Its Best Health Benefits For You

Now, it’s your choice to choose which milk suits you the best. Both kinds of milk are beneficial in their ways. If you are suffering from cholesterol problems, buffalo milk is best for you. If you want to lose weight, go for the cow milk. If you want to preserve the milk for a longer duration, go for the buffalo milk. 

Economic factor also plays a significant role while choosing which milk to buy. Buffalo milk is cheaper than cow milk. Moreover, the products made from buffalo milk can be preserved for a longer time. Being creamy and thicker in consistency, the amount of ghee, butter made from it is more than cow’s milk.

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