#1 Public Health Shield for Coronavirus

This shield of public health approach to defeat COVID-19 pandemic is powered by knowledge and experience of the public health experts, medical practitioners, paramedical staff and other stakeholders who all are working together to stop the spread of Coronavirus and defeat it.

We are grateful to all of them who are working day and night to help and protect us to win the fight against Coronavirus.

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These 8 simple actions for coronavirus prevention make an effective public health shield:
  1. Hand hygiene
  2. Yoga & meditation/ Personal home-workout
  3. Healthy diet
  4. Cough etiquettes
  5. Maintaining a respectful distance of 1 metre
  6. Stay home
  7. Avoid gathering and travelling
  8. If sick, call a doctor


When you come back home from outside, wash your hands properly or use hand sanitizer. Do not worry if you don’t have sanitizers. Washing hands with soap for 20 seconds is better than sanitizers.

20 seconds – 6 Step Hand Washing Exercise
Follow these instructions every time you wash hands:
  1. Take water and soap to make a rich lather in your hands.
  2. Rub your hands palm to palm using lather.
  3. Use the lather to clean between the fingers.
  4. Use lather to clean and Focus on thumbs.
  5. Rub your back of hands with lather.
  6. Use lather to focus on wrists.
  7. Wipe with a clean towel.


Daily exercise boosts the body’s immunity and mental feel-good factor. Regular exercises in any form that one likes to do releases stress-busting hormones in the body. This helps one improve his will power and decision making skills even in the state of chaos and panic.

Exercise plays a major role in human life’s vitality. It helps our mind to learn to stay in the discipline. It helps the body to absorb nutrition for optimum performance for conditions like work during a homestay.


Healthy diet increases energy and vitality in our body. Nutrient-rich healthy foods are considered to be beneficial for health and well-being.

Eat 5 fruits a day. Take plenty of fluids. Don’t consume raw meat.

It is important to assimilate all the essential nutrient providing fruits, vegetable and herbs into our diet on a regular basis. Good health is best supported by eating a wide range of nutritious foods a day.


Hygiene should be the first priority in this disease. Take precautions while sneezing and coughing. When you cough/ sneeze, use your elbow near the mouth if a tissue or handkerchief is not available. Cough etiquettes are one of the most important public health shield components.

Don’t touch your hands with your face. Don’t spit in public places. If possible, take bath daily and wash your clothes daily. Clean floor using a common household disinfectant.


Social distancing is one of the key factors in preventing the Coronavirus infection as the COVID-19 disease spreads through person to person and also by touching common surfaces.

Some people might be infected with Coronavirus disease, and they may not be showing symptoms at the moment. Take precautions while sneezing and coughing. Social distancing and Cough etiquettes are the most essential public health shield components.


During this emergency lockdown, it is best to stay home. Avoid travel as much as possible. But do not worry. It is good to spend quality time together with your family and read books. You may learn a new skill in this free time. Pursue a new hobby or any left project that you wished long back but couldn’t complete due to busy regular life.

Understand the situation with a point of view of your personal growth break. Your regular life has been paused, literally. Who knows whether you will get such free time ever before your retirement or not.


One should avoid going to public places and if needed to go, wear a mask as the COVID-19 disease spreads through person to person and also by touching surfaces.

If you come in contact with a person who is coming after travel from an infected area, you do not know that he/ she has an infection or not.

Some people might be infected with Coronavirus disease, and they may not be showing symptoms at the moment.

Don’t visit friends and relatives who show flu symptoms. Don’t visit malls, cinema & attend social gatherings and big mass events.

Hence, the government has decided to close the places where people usually gather. This will help to control community transmission of COVID-19 disease.


You can call the family physician. A person with symptoms must tell upfront his recent travel history to the doctor. This will help him to diagnose and treat faster.

There is also a helpline phone number where one can contact. Don’t fear and support friend or family member in panic.

The Government of India has a Coronavirus helpline number:

1075 &


email id: ncov2019@gmail.com


For more help to defeat coronavirus, please visit:

Let us understand, how community transmission of coronavirus happens?

There are 4 major stages of coronavirus disease spread:
STAGE-1: Getting the imported case

People getting infected outside the country having infection.

STAGE-2: Local transmission

The infected case came from outside the country, spreading the infection to those who come in contact with them.

STAGE-3: Community Transmission

If the people having infection don’t restrict their movement (quarantine) they might spread the infection to people whom they don’t even know through infected surfaces.

STAGE-4: Turning into an Epidemic

This chain reaction of the spread of infection leads to a huge explosion of the cases.

Conclusive remarks

We are in stage 2, but through precaution and awareness, we have to stop it from reaching stage 3 of community transmission.

Every citizen of India needs to work together to defeat this COVID-19 disease. The government and the public need to take extra measures to prevent the infection.

Till now there is no specific vaccine for the COVID-19 infection but prevention is the only key and we must focus on that including government advice.

COVID-19 disease seems to be spreading fast. We have to act now for prevention to avoid panic. Using the recommended public health shield against coronavirus is our best chance right now. It is best to stay at home.

Every citizen should believe in government advice and support Janta Curfew.

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