General Queries about COVID-19 Pandemic

There is a growing concern and perceived threat about the Coronavirus among common citizens. The population of all ages is making use of available media such as newspapers, health blogs, social media and television to make themselves aware.

Here comes the TNH Post to make our TNH Readers aware of the threat of COVID-19 and clear some of the doubts on how to remain safe through simple precautionary steps.

This post may prove beneficial in developing reader awareness about prevention by defeating corona and other infectious germs.

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This simple questionnaire may help TNH readers to get basic awareness of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 disease prevention strategy to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

What kind of attention should be given while touching the surfaces and travelling in public transport or while using a mobile phone?

If you are taking a cab or touching lift button or handles of buses, immediately wash your hands with water and soap. Take a hand sanitizer with you if hand washing at the moment is not possible. Otherwise, it is best to stay at home.

Should we eat junk food or egg or chicken? Does this virus spread by eating chicken, eggs and meat products?

We should avoid junk food, and prefer eating a healthy diet. There is no evidence that eating properly cooked meat or chicken cause this infection.

Is there any vaccine for this infection?

No, till now there is no specific vaccine for the infection but prevention is the only key and we must focus on that including government advice. If you ever get an infection you may get the assistance of home nurse from your local healthcare vicinity.

Do we need to buy expensive masks or surgical masks or will it help?

There is no need for a mask for everyone. If you are ill and have a cough, cold or going in a crowded place then a surgical mask is enough.

When you cough/ sneeze, use your elbow near the mouth if a tissue or handkerchief is not available.

Does COVID-19 causing Coronavirus die above 30 degree Celsius?

This information is not authentic. As based on the current evidence, it can spread to all areas, including geographical locations having a hot and humid climate.

Why COVID-19 has been declared as Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO)?

Pandemic is defined as the worldwide spread of any disease for which people do not have immunity.

The disease seems to be spreading fast. We have to act now for prevention to avoid panic.

Does the declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic mean that many people will die?

Declaration of COVID-19 as Pandemic has nothing to do with the number of people affected or die. It simply means that disease has spread in a large global area. The government and the public need to take extra measures to prevent the infection.

Why all the institutions, workplaces, colleges, big gatherings, cinema and malls are also being closed nationwide?

One should avoid going to public places and if needed to go, wear a mask as the disease spreads through person to person and also by touching common surfaces.

Some people might be infected with Coronavirus disease, and they may not be showing symptoms. Hence, the government has decided to close the places where people usually gather. This will help to control community transmission of COVID-19 disease.

If someone has Coronavirus symptoms, then to whom one should contact?

You can call the family physician. There is also a helpline phone number where one can contact.

The Government of India has a Coronavirus helpline number:

1075 &


email id:


For more help, please visit:

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