Durum Wheat Nutrition &10 Surprising Health Benefits For You

What is Durum Wheat & Why It’s So Special?

Durum wheat is one of the hardest wheat. The kernels are larger and amber-coloured as compared to others. It is one of the most cultivated wheat species after common wheat.

The durum wheat is also known by other names such as pasta wheat, macaroni wheat, and durum wheat. It is grown in long warm days and cool summer nights.

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How Durum Wheat & Semolina Are Different From Each Other?

The durum wheat gets milled into semolina. This wheat breakdown into coarse grains leading to high yield semolina than other varieties of wheat.

The produced semolina is rich in gluten protein that is used to make bulgur, pasta, couscous, and other products.

Pasta made from durum wheat is prepared from a simple production process with few ingredients.

This semolina is formed into a thick dough and is made into different shapes of pasta. It gives the yellow colour to pasta as the endosperm is yellow.

The premium quality of semolina is 200-425 mm. Durum wheat semolina is quite nutritious.

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Durum Wheat Nutrition Facts

Each 100 gram of durum wheat flour contains various nutrients and here are the nutrition facts:

Service size– 100 grams

Energy– 1418 Kj or 338 Kcal

Protein– 13.68 g

Carbohydrates– 71.13 g

Fats– 2.47 g

Saturated– 0.454 g

Monounsaturated– 0.344g

Polyunsaturated– 0.978g

Cholesterol– 0 mg

Potassium– 431 mg

Sodium– 2 mg

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Popular Durum Wheat Recipes

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Various popular recipes made from durum wheat are durum wheat Italian bread rolls, durum wheat salad with strawberries, durum wheat pasta, semolina bread with sesame seeds, and semolina yoghurt cake.

10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Durum Wheat

1. A Good Balanced Diet Source

The durum wheat is rich in various nutrients. It is rich in Vitamin B complex, dietary fibre, minerals, Vitamin E, zero in fat, trans fat, and saturated fats.

It is quite low in sodium and cholesterol. You can include durum wheat in your daily diet.

2. Boosts Your Vitamin B Complex Intake

It is rich in Vitamin B complexes such as thiamine and folate. The vitamin B complex is required for maintaining healthy eyes, hair, skin, and liver.

It also supports energy production and metabolism. The durum wheat also helps to maintain the health of the nervous system and brain.

One serving of semolina offers around 25 to 30 per cent of thiamine and folate.

3. Enjoy The Powerhouse Of Iron And Selenium

Durum wheat is the storehouse of essential minerals such as iron and selenium. Selenium is an antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage to DNA.

It also strengthens the immune system for preventing infection. One service offers around 37 mg of Selenium.

It is rich in iron that provides benefits for blood cell circulation and regeneration. Also, one serving contains around 10 per cent of the iron requirement.

4. Promotes Weight Loss For You

The products prepared from durum wheat gets digested slowly. It keeps you full for a longer period and prevents overeating.

If you eat a bowl of spaghetti and bread slices then you will get a feeling of satiety.

White bread has starch that is digested faster and gets absorbed in the blood. Whereas pasta prepared from durum wheat has slow digestion and remains in the GI tract for a longer period.

Hence, foods prepared from durum wheat support reduced intake of food.

5. Prevents You From Type-2 Diabetes

It is one of the perfect picks with a low glycemic index. It is absorbed and digested at a lower rate.

It also helps to decrease the increase in blood sugar level after a meal. So, people with diabetes can control their blood sugar levels.

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Durum Wheat Nutrition 10 Surprising Health Benefits For You The Nutrition Hunt TNH 6 durum wheat TNH, FOOD NUTRITION Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

6. Enhances Your Heart Health

Durum wheat is rich in potassium. It contains a low level of sodium. A hundred grams of flour consists of approximately 186 mg of potassium.

Potassium helps to maintain heart function and balancing the normal level of electrolytes. It also helps to maintain normal blood pressure by keeping the normal rhythm of the heartbeat.

The selenium in durum wheat protects the heart from various infections.

7. Improves Your Kidney Health

The proper quantity of sodium and potassium level is quite important for maintaining kidney health. It helps to prevent the kidney from chronic disease.

Our daily diet is usually low in potassium and high in sodium. So, you can balance the potassium levels by consuming foods rich in potassium.

Hence, durum wheat or its food products help to maintain a healthy level of sodium and potassium. So, you can keep your kidney healthy by consuming durum wheat.

8. Supports Healthy Nervous System And Strong Bones

Durum wheat contains essential minerals. 100 grams of flour contains 47 gm of magnesium and 17 mg calcium.

The magnesium and calcium are important for maintaining the strength of bone. So, it helps to enhance bone density.

While magnesium helps in firmness and strength of bones, maintaining electrolyte balance and nerve conduction.

Also, trace component zinc helps to strengthen the central nervous system. The zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium are required for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.

9. Prevents You From Anaemia

Eating semolina ensures that you get an adequate amount of iron. One cup of durum wheat contains around 8 per cent of the regular intake of iron.

Iron is an essential compound for the production of haemoglobin. It carries oxygen to every cell of the body. If you consume durum wheat products then it prevents anaemia.

10. Helps To Get You A Healthy Digestive System

Semolina and durum flour are rich in fibre. One serving of durum flour consists of 1 gram of fibres. The fibre leads to slow digestion.

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Know What Is The Main Difference Between Wheat, Durum wheat And Maida?

Durum Wheat vs Whole Wheat

As you are aware, that wheat is one of the most used grains. Whole wheat and durum wheat are commonly used species of wheat.

And both varieties are used in noodles, bread, pasta, baked goods, and couscous. But both kinds of wheat are quite different.

Durum wheat is grounded in semolina. Semolina is coarse flour that is used in pasta. It is also used to produce puddings, breakfast cereal, and pizza dough.

Whereas whole wheat contains three parts such as germ, bran, and endosperm.

Germ– The germ is a nutrient-rich part that contains minerals, vitamins, and other essential plant compounds.

Bran– Bran is an outer layer that is hard containing mineral, fibre, and antioxidants.

Endosperm– The endosperm is the largest portion and is made up of protein and carbohydrates.

When the wheat is refined then germ and bran are removed, leaving endosperm behind. Hence, whole wheat is nutritious as compared to refined wheat.

Now, let’s discuss Durum Wheat vs Wheat.

The wheat or bread wheat and durum wheat have almost the same nutritional profiles but they have vast differences due to their genetic makeup.

So, Durum wheat is used to produce pasta and bread wheat is used for bread.

These qualities of wheat differ in various properties such as extensibility, elasticity, and fermentability. Both kinds of wheat have different culinary uses.

Durum Wheat vs Maida

If we see the difference in major nutrition contents then they vary mainly in protein content.

The durum wheat is known as hard wheat whereas Maida is manufactured from soft wheat. The durum wheat has a high protein level as compared to maida.

Maida is obtained by removing the bran and is only carbohydrates.

Maida is generally not termed as good to eat by nutritionists but is generally used to make various products. Maida has high elasticity as compared to durum wheat.

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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is Durum wheat pasta healthy?
  • A: Yes, durum wheat pasta is healthy as pasta is often labelled with high fibre. Pasta is made from durum wheat that contains fibre.
  • Q: What is the highest nutrient in Durum wheat?
  • A: Durum wheat is high in fibre and a storehouse of essential vitamins like A, E, and B. Also, it has high protein content. So, pasta made from this wheat has fibre.
  • Q: Is Durum flour good for people with diabetes?
  • A: Durum wheat is often used to make pasta. However, durum wheat is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. So, this is one of the perfect picks for people with diabetes.
  • Q: Is pasta made from Durum wheat good for a person with high blood pressure?
  • A: A person with high blood pressure must eat a balanced diet. The healthy food for the patient with high blood pressure contains rice, bread, pasta made from durum wheat, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and yams.
  • Q: Is semolina or durum better for pasta?
  • A: The semolina is coarse-grained flour that is used to make hard pasta. It enables pasta to remain in shape even after cooking. Durum flour is used to make softer noodles.
  • Q: Is Durum wheat a maida (refined flour)?
  • A: No, Durum wheat is not a maida. They both are different. Maida is delicate while durum is hard and strong.
  • Q: What is the meaning of Durum wheat?
  • A: Durum wheat is well known as macaroni wheat or pasta wheat. It comes in a tetraploid wheat species. It is the hardest of all wheat.

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The Bottom Line

So, Durum wheat is used for making pasta. It is quite a healthy variety of wheat. We have also discussed various health benefits of durum wheat.

It is quite beneficial for patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. It also helps to maintain electrolyte balance and keep you full for a longer period of time. So, you must include it in your daily diet.

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