13 Best Ways-How to Get Your Kids Like More Fruits &Veggies?

Fruits and vegetables are healthy for your child. It becomes quite difficult to make them eat fruits and veggies. So, you have to be creative and encourage your child to eat fruits and vegetables.

The children like to eat junk foods that are unhealthy. In this article, we are discussing how you can make your child eat fruits and vegetables and what are the benefits of eating them.

Importance of fruits and veggies for your kids

Your kids might be taking sugary drinks but they are not at all healthy for them. However, consuming fruits and vegetables will make them more healthy and fit.

These healthy foods are rich in vital nutrients that play an important role in kid’s development and growth.

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Advantages of fruits

The kids require nutrients for development and growth. The nutrients cannot be made by the body. So, fruits like banana, mango, apple, strawberry, and pears are rich in nutrients.

They have calcium, iron, folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin A & B. They help in the overall wellbeing of your kids.

1. Boost immunity

The fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that increase immunity. The use of fruits helps the body to fight against diseases.

2. Keep away obesity

Fruits have fewer calories than junk and processed foods. If your kids eat fresh fruits, then they get essential nutrients. So, fruits help to keep their weight in check.

3. Keep away diseases

The fruits keep away various diseases such as diabetes, vision problems, digestion problems, and more.

4. Clean body

The fruits such as blueberries, avocados, and apples help to remove toxins and cleanse the system.

5. Energy

If your kids consume fruit on daily basis then it keeps the energy levels quite high. So, the kids will be able to perform better in sports and academics.

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13 Best Ways How to Get Your Kids Like More FruitsVeggiesTNH 2 kids TNH, CHILD NUTRITION Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Nutritional value of Fruits

The fruits are quite important for the overall health of kids. Although, the consumption of one fruit doesn’t solve the purpose. Hence, you must add various fruits in the daily diet.

Fruits are a rich source of potassium. So, you can give oranges, banana, cantaloupe, melons, and more to their diet. The fruits don’t have any cholesterol. Moreover, they are rich in fibre and keep the digestive system healthy. By consuming fruits, your kids will get adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins.

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Fruits that child must eat

You must give all kinds of fruits to your kid. Different fruits contain different minerals and vitamins. You can start giving orange and yellow colour fruits as it entices the eyes of your kids. Red fruits such as strawberries and apples are good for the health of your kid. Pears and guavas are green coloured fruits that are rich in calcium that promote the health of teeth and bones. You must give seasonal fruits as they are loaded with various health benefits.

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Advantages of veggies

Similar to fruits, vegetables are also rich in nutrition. Hence, you must also add veggies in your kid’s diet.

1. Provide energy

The veggies are rich in nutrition and offer energy as compared to processed or refined foods.

2. Increase immunity

If your kids consume veggies daily then it helps to build immunity and decrease the risk of diseases.

3. Keep diabetes away

The regular intake of veggies help to keep diabetes away.

4. Keep away diseases

Also, the consumption of veggies regularly helps to keep away chronic diseases.

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Nutritional value of veggies

Veggies are an essential source of nutrition that helps your child to grow. As you are adding fruits in the daily diet so, you must also add veggies.

Veggies like broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, and more are rich in potassium. The vegetables are also rich in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and zinc.

Moreover, green veggies like kale, spinach, and other green vegetables are rich in Vitamin B7, A, and B9. The vegetables have high calcium absorption as compared to dairy products.

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Vegetables that must be taken by kids

You must give all vegetables in the daily diet. You can add root vegetables like carrots, turnip, beetroots as they’re high in nutrition.

Also, add red-coloured vegetables like red bell pepper, a tomato to protect your kids from free radicals.

You can also add green colour vegetables like broccoli and spinach that help to remove excess toxins. The red or purple coloured fruits are best for brain and heart health.

Moreover, white-coloured vegetables such as cauliflower and garlic maintain hormonal balance in the body.

13 Best Ways How to Get Your Kids Like More FruitsVeggiesTNH 3 kids TNH, CHILD NUTRITION Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

How can you encourage your kids to eat veggies and fruits?

1. Take your kids with you and let them pick favourite veggies and fruits

Take your kids together with you for shopping. Also, allow them to pick their favourite fruits and veggies. If they will do the shopping then they will become excited to eat them.

2. Be a little bit sneaky

You must be a smart mother. Add florets of carrots or broccoli in pasta, noodles, and macaroni. You can also make a puree out of carrots and spinach by blanching them.

Also, add potato, corn, beans, cauliflower, and peas in the dough for making healthy paranthas.

You can also place homemade salsa on grilled chicken. The salsa can be made out of ripe mangoes, avocados, onions, bell pepper, and cilantro.

3. Lead by example

Many children don’t show interest in a bowl of veggies and fruits. You can sit with your kid and encourage them to eat fruits and veggies as a healthy snack.

If you will eat these things with your kid then your kid will also eat some of them.

4. Serve smoothies

The kids don’t like to eat and chew. So, you can blend fruit with milk or yoghurt turning into a smoothie. You can serve at breakfast or when they come. They will drink them in a gulp and you can be sure that their intake of fruit and vegetable has been met.

5. Slice

Children often don’t love to bite pear or apple. You can slice them and put them in a bowl. You can also cut vegetables and keep them handy. So, it will encourage kids to eat them if they feel hungry between meals.

6. Variety

You must give your kids with variety. Don’t only stick to bananas, carrots, apples, and cucumber. You can add variety in your kid’s plate. You can also add walnuts, figs, almonds, and cherries.

Fruits and veggies can be placed in a bowl of ice-cream. Dip fruits in chocolate sauce and motivate them to eat. Keep frozen veggies and they can be added to stews, soups, and rice dishes. So, always make raw and cooked vegetable options ready for your kids.

7. Don’t give up

We understand that your kids will refuse to eat fruits and veggies. But don’t get demotivated. The kids don’t want to try new foods irrespective of taste, colour, and texture.

Your child may love to eat raw carrot but not cooked one. He can eat soft canned pineapple rather than sliced one. So, you must keep trying and motivate them to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

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8. Engage your kids to grow veggies and fruits

If you have some space in your home then you must engage your kids to grow and nurture fruits and veggies at home.

They can water the plants and nurture them. The kids will get excited to pick fruits and veggies from their garden.

9. Explain the advantages of fruits and veggies

Your little kids will always refuse to eat fruits and veggies. But you can sit down with them and discuss the advantages of eating fruits and veggies.

10. Use stickers

If you are sticking the image of a cartoon character on fruit or veggies then they feel excited to consume them.

11. Change the presentation

Oven-frying of vegetables and fruits can motivate your kids to go for crunchy vegetables. Also, the food doesn’t contain any added fat.

12. Appearance

Make veggies and fruits funny. It will motivate and attract the kids to grab veggies and fruits.

13. Involve your kid into cooking

If you involve your kids into cooking then they will create their creations.

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Why your child doesn’t want to eat fruits and veggies?

You must have tried to make your kids eat fruits and vegetables. The kids were not eating them as he may be suffering from neophobia. The kids have fear to eat new food items.

This condition prevails in the age group of 1-6. They will refuse to eat veggies and fruits. The kids have more taste buds so they find sweet and simple foods palatable as compared to pungent fruits.

13 Best Ways How to Get Your Kids Like More FruitsVeggiesTNH 4 kids TNH, CHILD NUTRITION Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

What if the kid prefers to eat fruits rather than vegetables?

We also know that children must consume both veggies and fruits. The fruits may be liked by kids and are not eating veggies. The fruits contain sugar and high in calories.

So, if your kid has the problem of obesity then eating fruits can increase the problem.

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What if the kid eats one vegetable for a long period?

As eating only fruits is not good, in the same way eating one vegetable for a longer period is not okay. The kid will lose to eat essential nutrients. So, it is important to encourage the kids to eat all vegetables.

How can you increase the consumption of fruits and veggies?

  • Make veggies and fruits accessible. Always keep washed carrots, apples, and fruits handy.
  • Include vegetables and fruits in the diet.
  • The kids get attracted if the presentation of fruits and veggies is beautiful. So, decorate them and make them presentable.
  • Curate fruit-based sweets and desserts.
  • Include vegetables and fruits in all the three meals.
  • Also, make innovative recipes by adding veggies and fruits.
  • Take your kid to shop with you and let them pick fruits and vegetables.
  • You must discourage fruit juices and encourage them to eat the whole fruit.
  • Encourage to gulp healthy snacks in the form of vegetables and fruits.
  • Provide multiple colours on the plate of your kid.
  • Make vegetables and fruit a funny experience.
  • You can also involve your kids in cooking.
  • Appreciate your kids when they eat vegetables and fruits.

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Some fun facts about fruits

Fruits are nutritious and convenient to eat. The kids can eat fruits in the original form. The fruits can be blended into smoothies and shakes. You can also use fruits in salads. You can share some important information with your kids.

  • Mango is the loved fruit and every kid enjoys eating mangoes.
  • There are around 7000 varieties of apples in the world. The fruit can also float on the surface of the water as one-fourth of the apple is filled with air.
  • Avocados, tomatoes, and pumpkins are fruits. Eggplants come in the category of berries.
  • Bananas offer instant energy. That’s why athletes eat bananas for instant energy.
  • The pine in pineapple comes due to appearance and shape like a pine cone.
  • Strawberry does not come in the category of berry and contains around 200 seeds.

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Some fun facts about vegetables

The veggies can be taken in raw form but it can also be used in soup or culinary dishes. Some facts that can be shared with kids to encourage them to eat veggies.

  • Cabbage and cucumbers are some of the vegetables that are known to mankind.
  • Many vegetables need a warm climate for growing. The vegetables like carrots, spinach, kale require cold weather.
  • The carrots were originally grown in purple.
  • The vegetables must not be cooked for long hours as it will lose the nutritional value.
  • The garlic has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is also used to keep mosquitoes away.
13 Best Ways How to Get Your Kids Like More FruitsVeggiesTNH 5 kids TNH, CHILD NUTRITION Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

The Bottom Line

So, we have discussed various tips that will help you to encourage your kids to eat veggies and fruits. You must implement all these things. The fruits and vegetables are healthy and must be encouraged to consume.

Don’t give up, just practise all these tips and tricks. You will get success and your kids will eat all fruits and veggies. 

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