Why a Cold Bath is the health booster?

Check Out Some Interesting Facts & Amazing Health Benefits Of Cold Bathing

Everyone knows that having a good morning bath is just one of the right kicks for our day ahead with a boost.

You may wonder why?

It is a scientifically well-proven fact that effective cold bathing techniques are responsible for good blood circulation which in turn facilitates various body functions to achieve optimum performance. That’s why a cold bath may be a potential health booster, even in winters.

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Let us find out more about cold bathing benefits in our daily life.

Why daily cold bath is so important, even in winters?

According to doctors, we should not use a hot water bath even in winters. Yes, we must take bath daily even in winters; with cold water and that too not in a hurry. It is okay to use regular supply water to have a bath.

It is also observed that many of our ancient festivals or holy water bathing festivals occur during or around winters like Pushkar Mela in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

In modern days, people like Wim Hoff and many more popular personalities in the world are the best supporters of the cold water bath with some advanced techniques and ideologies.

How to take an effective cold bath?

Even within our thoughts, in the beginning, most of us start feeling shivers just by the name of cold water but as we go on with cold water, the fear of cold water leaves us immediately.

The easiest trick of having a cold water bath is to first of all putting water on the head with a deep breath and eyes closed.

We often see old sages wetting their head after offering holy water to the first rays of sun while taking holy water bath during early mornings at river banks.

This ancient practice of offering water to sun’s first rays boosts our aural strength and physical immunity as the initial sunbeam filters through offering water to enter the body producing remarkable effects in the long run.

When we, first of all, wet our head with cold water, the heat in head travels through our whole body and finally vents out via our feet. But if we, first of all, wet our legs and feet or lower body, the heat of the body vents out in the opposite direction from the head. The latter condition should be avoided with the health’s point of view.

Ideally, one should not hurry during bath. The palms of our both hands should be used to rub the whole body within our reach just like a massage. In this way, we can enjoy the full benefits of cold water bath.

Simply chanting, humming a tune or singing a motivational karaoke is advisable to soothe the mind with a motivational boost for the day ahead.

A good massage with cold bath opens up all the pores of the skin to make them active. While one massages during the bath, sweat and wastes come out of the pores of skin.

After a satisfactory hand massage, we use a dry rugged towel to rub against our wet body. The real purpose of a good rub with a towel is not only to remove wetness from the skin surface but to make pores of the skin active and open.

It is recommended to wear a slightly hot or a woollen bathrobe right after the cold bath because our body’s internal temperature gets raised and cold wind may harm our health.

Why a daily cold bath is beneficial for us?

There are a lot of benefits to have a cold water bath instead of a hot water bath. A hot water bath doesn’t give complete satisfaction and it is always accompanied by long shivers in the end.

Apart from this, with the regular use of hot water, the blood circulation becomes low in the upper layer of our skin. Due to low blood circulation in the upper layer of outer skin i.e. epidermis, the residing cells become weak.

On the other hand, these skin cells become strong and toned when we take a cold water bath. This prevents ageing by loose and wrinkled skin in the long term.

When our skin’s upper layer comes into contact with cold water, the cells get shrunk. Due to the temperature difference of internal body and cold water, the skin cells get relaxed with shrinking. This relaxation effect feels just like a good soothing massage.

Sometimes, it is okay to have a luke warm water bath but one should never make it a regular habit.

When we have a cold water bath then our body observes a fast blood circulation. Surprisingly, this fast blood circulation is responsible for the internal heat felt by our body during cold bath.

What is the importance of good blood circulation?

Good blood circulation in our body is beneficial for many reasons. First of all, good blood circulation is a sign of good heart health.

A good blood circulation facilitates good brain health with increased memory and alertness as well as fit and active body with increased immunity.

Overall, good blood circulation is one of the prime factors in optimum wellness of various body functions resulting in better enjoyment and fulfilment from our daily life activities.

Conclusive Remarks

It is commonly observed that those who prefer regular cold bath seldom fall ill. A cold water bath never makes one ill but it may be harmful to the one who is already ill.

Those who take early morning natural cold bath on river banks or just regular cold water at home even during winters are found more healthy and fit than those who use hot water bath on a regular basis.

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