7 Popular Healthiest Cooking Oils

Why do we need to use popular healthiest cooking oils as an integral part of our daily life?

Cooking oil is the base of almost every Indian recipe. All over India, a variety of cooking oils are used to prepare daily meals. But are we using the healthiest cooking oil?

Nowadays people are so engaged in their hectic life schedules that it becomes very difficult to support healthy food habits.

Therefore, choosing the healthiest, cooking oil is very important. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the popular healthiest cooking oils that can make your lifestyle better.

1. Cold-pressed oil

Cold-pressed oil is extracted naturally without heat from the oilseeds. Oilseeds are pressed at a large pressure to extract the oil. In this way, cold-pressed oil is cent per cent natural and best for baking.

It reduces bad cholesterol, of your body, and helps to fight against liver problems. The cold-pressed ones are the healthiest cooking oils to choose among a lot of varieties in the market.

Hence replacing your regular cooking oil from the cold-pressed oil can lead you to many health benefits.

2. Olive oil
Virgin Coconut Oil & 7 Superb Health Benefits_TNH_The Nutrition Hunt

Olive oil is made by grinding olives. This oil is extracted by both chemical and mechanical processes. But make sure, you are choosing the olive oil which is made from perfectly ripened olives. Because cooking oil made from green olives is bitter in taste and oil made from extra ripened oil is a bit sour.

Olive oil decreases the chances of heart stroke. It forbids the chances of blood clotting which can cause heart strokes. No one can doubt the well-known credibility of olive oil as the healthiest cooking oil.

This cooking oil is not linked to weight gain. If you want to lose weight you should switch your normal cooking oil to olive oil.

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3. Avocado oil 
7 Popular Healthiest Cooking Oils Avocado TNH healthiest cooking oil TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Very few people know that avocados aka Persea Americana are used to make edible avocado oil. Avocado oil is made by pressing avocados. Avocado oil may also be used to add flavour to some of the popular delicious recipes.

This oil is very good for the eyes as it contains lutein. It helps to prevent gum disease. Avocado oil is best for the patients of Arthritis.

4. Walnut oil
7 Popular Healthiest Cooking Oils walnut TNH healthiest cooking oil TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

We all know that walnut contains so much nutrition. In a way, walnut oil is also very useful for cooking. It is extracted from walnuts also known as Juglans regia.

As one of the healthiest cooking oils with anti-cancer effects, it is very useful for cancer patients. It can lower excess sugar levels as well.

5. Flaxseed oil
healthiest cooking oil TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Flaxseed oil is extracted from dried and ripened seeds of the flax plant. It is also known as linseed oil or flax oil. It is extracted by pressing of flax seeds or maybe sometimes by solvent extraction.

You can take this cooking oil as it is or you can add it to another oil to make a combination. In Europe, people are fond of eating this oil with potatoes.

This cooking oil prevents the growth of cancer cells. It is beneficial to prevent various health risks. It can also cure constipation and diarrhoea. If you intake this oil regularly, it will help to glow your skin as well.

6. Coconut oil 
Virgin Coconut Oil & 7 Superb Health Benefits_TNH_The Nutrition Hunt

Coconut oil is extracted from matured coconut’s meat. It is an edible oil filled with lots of goodness and nutrients.

This oil contains potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. They contain unsaturated fatty acids which lead to the burning of fat. This cooking oil has anti-microbial properties as well.

7. Sesame oil 
7 Popular Healthiest Cooking Oils sesame TNH healthiest cooking oil TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Sesame oil is the earliest crop-based oil. This popular healthiest cooking oil is a kind of vegetable oil. It is extracted from sesame seeds. This oil is also used in many cuisines to add flavour because of its aroma and nutty flavour.

This oil is good for health problems and to maintain the sugar level. This cooking oil protects us against UV rays.

Conclusive remarks

We have discussed some of the best and healthiest cooking oils. These oils are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. If you want to enjoy a plethora of health benefits then you may switch your normal cooking oil with the popular oils mentioned above.

Try one of these and share your experience with us. We’d be happy to listen to a good experience from your side.

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