How to get an ever youth radiant face naturally?

A happy and beautiful face

A happy face full of smiles and laughter with a reflection of inner happiness and good vibes always gives a beautiful impression.

It is not necessary to use a makeup with costly beauty products for a beautiful and radiant face. Daily utility foodstuff, vegetables etc. are sufficient to sparkle the beauty of a face.

One should nourish the body with nutritious food and pure water. Wear fresh and comfortable clothes daily to provide spontaneity to the body. Breathe in clean air every morning to induce energy flow in the body.

One must realize the simple secret behind all the benefits and importance of daily activities like a simple walk, a dance or a casual sport.

Worry and negative thinking must be thrown out of the mind. The body must be embraced with affirmative thoughts, sweet smiles, noble intentions and creativity.

“Make the mind beautiful, the beauty of the body will sparkle itself.”

A daily night good sleep is essential for a tension-free face. Make an after-dinner daily habit of evening walk, meditation or just any kind of relaxation practice before sleeping.

To maintain the youth and beauty of skin, one has to avoid junk food. Junk foods have empty calories. They don’t provide any nutritional benefit to the body. They are preferred for taste only but give obesity and premature ageing to the body and skin. It is always good to prefer the food at home.

Stomach heat is the main reason for skin diseases. Therefore, to balance the excess stomach heat one should use more lemon and onion in the diet.

An early morning walk, run or exercise in a nearby park regularly works wonders for a relaxed face. Avoid excess or unnecessary skin contact with day time sunlight as it causes tanning of the skin.

Apart from this maximize the use of tomato, carrot, spinach, coriander, cucumber, green vegetables in your diet.

It is better when you make it a daily habit of having a glass of milk with a handful of soaked dry fruits, fruits and vegetable salad regularly as your breakfast after the morning walk.  

And the most important thing is: “keep the mind happy, keep smiling.”

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Daily morning drinks to boost skin radiance

Activity 1: Tomato is good for skin and blood. So, have a glass of tomato juice with a pinch of pink salt, cumin and black pepper daily morning otherwise simply take a tomato with a combination of fruits and vegetables in your breakfast or daily salad.

Activity 2: Drink as much warm water as you can when you wake up every morning for the external beauty of the skin. At least eight glasses of water per day are essential for internal cleansing.

Activity 3: For occasional pleasure, you may add natural flavours to the warm water like lemon, aloe vera or any juice during mornings.

Soft and toned lips

If you’re uninterested in having dry, cracked, peeling or chapped lips; there are some belongings around you that can assist to get rid of your problems.

Here are some of the best remedies to get pink, soft and toned lips naturally:
Remedy 1: Saffron-Cream lip balm

Step 1: Boil some milk and leave it to cool for some time.

Step 2: Take one tablespoon of fresh cream made upon boiled milk and put a few saffron strands in it.

Step 3: Mix them well enough until it becomes a thick consistent paste.

Step 4: Keep the paste in fridge for some time.

Step 5: Apply the paste evenly on lips and leave it for some time so that the lips get well moisturized.

Step 6: Clean the lips with wet cotton.

This saffron-cream lip balm will make your lips soft and enhance their tone naturally.

Remedy 2: Rosy-Almond milk lip balm

Step 1: Soak a few rose petals in a little milk.

Step 2: After some time crush the rose petals in milk and take the residual particles out.

Step 3: As the colour of milk turns slightly reddish, put the powder of a few finely grounded almonds in it.

Step 4: Mix them well enough to make a thick consistent paste and keep it in the fridge for some time.

Step 5: Apply the rosy-almond milk paste on your lips for some time and then clean the lips with wet cotton.

This lip balm will keep your lips soft and enhance their natural tone.

Remedy 3: Ghee

This is by far one of the quickest ways that I know. Apply the pure ghee on your lips and navel before going to bed. The chapped lips will become soft again.

A clean and clear face

Even a regular face without any freckles, spots, wrinkles, blackheads, whiteheads, dark circles or pimples appears just a next-door fresh and confident photogenic face.

*I have intentionally not given any remedy with more than one ingredient to keep it extremely simple and quick for daily usage.

Here are some well time tested face cleansing remedies for a clean and clear face:
Remedy 1: Tomato

Apply red tomato juice on the face with cotton or simply rub a slice of tomato all over your face like a massage. Wash after the juice gets well soaked by the skin. This remedy gives a glow on the face and removes wrinkles.

Remedy 2: Potato

Apply potato juice on dark circles beneath the eyes with cotton or simply rub a potato slice all over face like a massage. Peels of boiled potato, when applied on the face, can cure pimples. This remedy cures pimples and removes dark circles.

Remedy 3: Raw Milk

Milk or its cream, when applied on the face, can improve the skin tone naturally. This remedy acts as moisturizer and skin tone improver.

Remedy 4: Raw coconut water

Raw coconut water when applied on face can moisturize and improve skin tone. This remedy can cure pimples or even long time freckles with regular usage.

Remedy 5: Lemon

After getting juice out of lemon, take the leftovers and use them as scrubs on your skin wherever you need a glow. Even darker parts like knees or back of the neck can also become fairer. In my opinion, lemon is by far the easiest option to use with a quick glass of juice as well.

Facial exercises

Some people get fed up of their unwanted face fat while others become a victim of their own face’s premature ageing and wrinkles, way more than their actual age.

Cheeks are the major affected areas of wrinkles and sagginess. Whether you need these exercises or not, for this confirmation, check out some of your oldest images when you used to enjoy your most beautiful selfies; maybe from your school time.

But with some little efforts every day, these wrinkle and premature ageing signs on the face can be minimized.

Here are some of the best time tested facial exercises for fit cheeks and wrinkle-free face:
Exercise 1: E-O exercise

To make cheeks strong, one should perform E-O pronunciation exercises.

Step 1: First of all, open your mouth wide and say ‘E’ with stress on cheeks and stretch your both lips as much as you can.

Step 2: After then say ‘O’ with stress on lips and shrink your cheeks inward.

Repeat this activity as many times as possible on a daily basis.

Exercise 2: Blowing Games

Activity 1: Get a packet of balloons and develop a practice of blowing them daily. Observe and count them daily with time limit, how effectively can you blow them?

Activity 2: Cut some small strips of papers and put them one by one on a table. Try blowing to make the strips fly in the air. Observe, how far they go each time?

The point behind these games is to blow fast with your maximum capacity. Blowing fast gives tightness and blush to the saggy and wrinkled cheeks.

Exercise 3:

Fill up your mouth with water. Shift the water from the left cheek to right cheek and vice-versa repeatedly. You may do this activity daily morning before brushing your teeth.

Exercise 4:

The above activity can also be performed with air in the mouth by shifting air and expanding lips repeatedly from upper lip to lower lip vice-versa.

Exercise 5:

Fill up your mouth with air and speak a long ‘O’ with stress on both of the cheeks and lips exhaling a deep breath. Do this activity for at least five minutes.

Exercise 6:

Try to shrink your whole face using your eyes, eyebrows, nose, cheeks and lips. Do it for two seconds then relax your face. Perform this activity five times anytime.

Exercise 7:

Shrink your lips and fill up air in your mouth just like when you blow a balloon. Now, keeping your mouth closed and full of air, apply gentle pressure on both cheeks using three fingers on each side. Maintain this steady posture of mouth and release the air after ten minutes. This is the best exercise for those who want puffed cheeks.

Exercise 8:

Sit in front of a mirror and shrink your lips inward. Fill up your mouth with air then try to laugh with shifting air from left cheek to right cheek, to and fro. Perform this activity daily. This exercise gives good tightness to saggy cheeks.

Exercise 9:

Apply gentle pressure on both cheeks with your palms. Try to smile with continuous pressure on cheeks with palms. Do it until you feel a burning sensation in your cheeks. Repeat this facial exercise eight times. This exercise promotes good blood circulation in the face and natural blushing redness to cheeks.

Conclusive remarks

The good blood circulation in the face is the key to ever youth radiance on the face. Everybody wants natural blushing redness on their cheeks and soft lips with naturally enhanced tone. Good nutrition and an optimistic mindset also help to prevent the face from wrinkles and premature ageing.

Try all of these activities one by one and adjust the required ones in your daily regime to get desired results.

Also, dear TNH life readers, please don’t forget to comment below what remedies worked best for you and which one activities you would love to perform on regular basis for more results to get an ever youth radiant face naturally.

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Health & Wellness Coach: Smit Kumar believes in the philosophy of successful nutrition hunting mindset for the healthy body, mind and spirit.

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