Amazing Kalonji: How to be sure of enjoying its 15 Benefits?

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Black Seed Oil

The Earth has provided us with a lot of bounties that are called ‘superfoods. These superfoods have some unique qualities and nutritional values that have a beneficial positive impact on the bodies of us humans. One such superfood is an oil of Black Seeds, better known as Kalonji Oil, which is prepared from Kalonji seeds.

These black seeds are a prevalent ingredient in different parts of India. In a lot of famous Indian dishes such as samosas and other fried foods, these seeds are quite a very popular ingredient, and for a good reason. These seeds have an aromatic smell and a very different flavour that exuberates exotic flavours that are new to the Western tongues.

Interestingly, Kalonji Oil is extracted from the Kalonji seeds, and has tons of health and beauty benefits. Let us have a look at how beneficial they are for your health and your beauty.

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8 Best Health Benefits of Amazing Kalonji

The use of different oils, seeds and spices in the cooking techniques in the Indian subcontinent and Middle-East is done mostly due to the health benefits of every small spice. Obviously enough, this also points to the extravagant health benefits that one will have the consumption of Kalonji seeds.

Amazing Kalonji How to be sure of enjoying its 15 Benefits The Nutrition Hunt TNH 5 kalonji TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Let us take a good as to how they benefit our health?

1. Highly praised for its anti-oxidant

One of the main Kalonji oil health benefits is its anti-oxidant nature. This means that it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, reducing inflammation inside the body. It also means that Kalonji oil helps the body in neutralizing the free radicals present inside the body.

This basically means that the oil of these seeds plays a significant role in keeping heart diseases, cancer and other such diseases far from your body. It also reduces the impact of tobacco consumption.

2. A cure for Stomach Ache

The consumption of Kalonji oil or its seeds is known to relieve the pain of an upset stomach. The oil, when taken during the time of having an upset stomach, helps quite a lot in reducing gas and stomach bloating by improving digestion of food.

When taken regularly, this magical oil also helps keep ulcers at bay. If you have chronic stomach aches and problems, then these seeds are the way to go.

3. A Controller of Diabetes

As far as Kalonji oil health benefits go, the consumption of this oil is recommended, and is by far war more beneficial for people who have diabetes. It has such unusual and natural properties that it helps manage sugar levels of people.

All you need to do is take about one teaspoon of either the oil or seeds of Kalonji every day in the morning to see its effect on your sugar levels.

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4. Helps in Reduction of High Blood Pressure

Consumption of Kalonji seeds regularly for two months or more will help in the reduction of high blood pressure. That is because these seeds are armed with fatty acids linolenic and oleic acids, amino acids, aponin, crude fibre, proteins and like, volatile oils, alkaloids, iron, sodium, potassium and calcium.

Amazing Kalonji How to be sure of enjoying its 15 Benefits The Nutrition Hunt TNH 6 kalonji TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

5. Reduces the Level of Cholesterol

With so many good fatty acids present in Kalonji seeds, it helps maintain the cholesterol levels at healthier levels. It is another one of Kalonji oil health benefits. The levels of these fatty acids depend on the place, climate and soil in which these seeds are grown, but they still give amazing results in terms of reducing cholesterol levels.

6. Asthma Reduction Abilities

As told before, the black seeds have a lot of anti-oxidizing properties, which makes them an excellent repellent of diseases. In this case, the anti-inflammatory properties of these seeds help in reducing the inflammation of the breathing airways, thus helping in keeping asthma in check. It is good, especially in the case of children, where asthma is quite worse.

7. Memory Sharpener and Headache Healer

A major benefit of the oil of the seeds of Kalonji is that when they are consumed with a little bit of honey, it helps boost the memory by quite a lot. Also, in case that you are suffering from a headache, a much more natural solution is to use a little bit of oil of these seeds, put a little bit of it on your palm and then gently massage it on your forehead.

8. Keeps Kidneys and Joints Healthy

Another benefit of these seeds and its oil is that it helps in keeping the kidneys healthy. What one needs to do is consume these seeds with warm water and a little bit of honey to help get rid of kidney stones. Also, when heated up and mixed with mustard oil, one can massage their joints slowly with this oil, it helps relieve the pain in one’s joints.

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7 Best Beauty Benefits of Amazing Kalonji

Other than the benefits of health, this oil is also beneficial in terms of the advantages it has as a natural, herbal beauty product that naturally helps you better yourself without the use of any unnatural chemical cosmetic.

Amazing Kalonji How to be sure of enjoying its 15 Benefits The Nutrition Hunt TNH 2 kalonji TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Let us take a look at them how they enhance our beauty?

1. A natural weight loss agent

Other than the benefits of Kalonji oil for hair, one of the biggest benefits of Kalonji oil is that it naturally aids people in weight loss. Use warm water, some lemon juice, a small teaspoon of honey, and a small pinch of powdered Kalonji to it and consume it.

This tonic is quite helpful in keeping your diet plans fine and aiding in weight reduction.

2. An Anti-Hair Falling Agent

This is a major benefit of Kalonji oil for hair. The Kalonji oil has a substance called Nigellone and Thymoquinone. This substance is anti-inflammatory in nature and also helps in the reduction of bacterial growth on the scalp. Follicles of the hair are also re-energized by this oil.

When this oil is applied on your scalp, this oil also helps in regeneration of the hair, by which it promotes the growth of your hair.

3. Helps Reduce Acne

It is a major Kalonji oil beauty benefits. According to various researches conducted by esteemed universities, this oil is an excellent ingredient with which acne can be kept at bay. In one particular study, if Kalonji oil is used in any lotion with a 10% concentration, then the results shown are quite satisfactory.

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4. Helps in Healing Wounds

Another one of Kalonji oil beauty benefits is its wound healing properties. It has been shown that this oil contains a type of bacteria that has a lot of wound healing properties. When applied gently on wounds, this oil is helpful in healing the wounds quicker than they naturally would have. Use it on scars and wounds to make them better.

Amazing Kalonji How to be sure of enjoying its 15 Benefits The Nutrition Hunt TNH kalonji TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

5. Skin Moisturizer

Use Kalonji Oil as a moisturizer for your skin and gently massage your skin daily with it. It has been shown that this oil is quite beneficial for your skin and is quite good as it softens your skin and makes it shine more so than usual. It hydrates the skin and is especially useful in case you have dry skin.

6. Gives you an Amazing Set of Teeth

As far as dental trouble goes, the oil of the seeds of Kalonji is an excellent thing to keep it away. In case you have a dental problem such as swollen gums, bleeding veins or your teeth seem brittle, you can use a little bit of curd mixed with Kalonji oil to massage your teeth and gums to help make your teeth much more beautiful, white and strong. This is another one of Kalonji oil beauty benefits.

7. An Energy Booster

While the benefits of Kalonji oil for hair and its advantages for skin are vastly listed, another major benefits of Kalonji oil is that it helps in making your lifestyle more active and fit by energizing you and making you look smarter.

To do that, one needs to use it as an ingredient in their daily meals. In terms of that, these seeds and its oil is extremely useful when seen in light with its health benefits, and its energy-boosting properties are just another feather to the cap of these magical seeds.

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The Final Words on Amazing Kalonji

Amazing Kalonji How to be sure of enjoying its 15 Benefits The Nutrition Hunt TNH 4 kalonji TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

In the end, even though these seeds have tons of health and beauty benefits, it must be remembered that excess of anything is terrible, even these seeds and its extracted oil. It would be best if you remember that before consuming it, ideally, in one go, you should not buy more than 100 grams of these seeds. That amount will ideally last for quite a lot of time.

If you consume these seeds in higher amounts, they are bound to become toxic for your body and eventually hurt you, which is not what they are meant for. Remember to keep these seeds stored tightly away from moisture and in a very dry place.

The tightness and closeness with other seeds will help them keep their aromatic smells, and their exotic flavours with each other and the dryness will help them stay fresh for as long as possible. Also, do not use these seeds as a replacement for any medical treatments that you are taking. Use them as a supplement to these medical treatments.

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