Loss Of Taste During Pregnancy: 13 Best Tips On How To Deal?

Let’s Find Out What To Do When Pregnancy Affects Your Sense Of Taste?

Pregnancy transforms a girl into a lady. Pregnancy is the most memorable moment of the life of the to-be-mother. Sufficient care and affection are required during this period.

Fluctuating pregnancy hormones can bring temporary modifications and complications in the female body. Complications of morning sickness, swelling feet are very among the pregnant ladies.

Is the condition of pregnancy somehow linked with the bitter taste of mouth?

Many women experience something unpleasant in their mouths, also. This is like a metallic taste felt in the sensory nerves of the tough. They feel like placing aluminium foil or a rusting coin in their mouth. Loss of taste during pregnancy is a harmless condition.

When the lady conceives, the body takes some time to adjust to the pregnancy conditions. It secretes certain hormones that create some complications in the body. 

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What may be the possible reason for the loss of taste during pregnancy?

The exact reason for this metallic taste is still a matter of debate. Biologically it is called Dysgeusia. But it is believed that the influxes of hormones are mostly responsible for the temporary metallic taste of the mouth.

During the first trimester, the pregnant lady feels this sensation of the metallic palate in the mouth. Visiting a doctor is not essential for creating such a sensation. It is very common among the mothers who are carrying their babies in the womb. They can work on their regular meals or eat whatever they feel like.

There are many options to beat this taste of metallic mouth. There is no requirement to worry about such a condition. Some remedies and useful techniques have been discussed in the latter portion of the article. It is not faced by all the ladies, but few have encountered it during their pregnancy.

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What is Dysgeusia?

Dysgeusia can be regarded as an early symptom of pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones have a direct influence on the sensory nerves. The taste buds of the tongue are not an exception. The taste can be metallic, burnt, sour, or rancid. This condition will not lead to food cravings.

It will simply add a bitter taste to whatever the lady consumes. It may also happen as the food is chewed and swallowed. But a strange and unpleasant metallic taste is prevailing or exiting the mouth.

Even metallic mouth can occur without eating anything. The lady is sitting, and suddenly she starts feeling the taste of metallic mouth. It greatly impacts the morning sickness of the lady. The severity of morning sickness is more in the ladies than others. 

The first trimester of pregnancy is the time during which the condition of metallic mouth starts. It disappears after the birth of the child. The lady may eat something mixed with onion and experience it. The pregnant woman can feel the metallic mouth after heartburn.

Consuming artificial sweeteners also give such kind of bitter taste in the mouth of the pregnant ladies. The doctors mostly recommend trying something of opposite taste to fight the bitter taste.

There are a number of items available in the grocery market which can solve the issue. A home remedy is enough to control or reduce the impact of metallic mouth, which is technically called Dysgeusia.

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What are the basic reasons behind the metallic taste of mouth during pregnancy?

The real cause of Dysgeusia is still a research topic. Hopefully, the biologists will be able to encounter the real reason for it. But some probable causes have been discussed in this section:

1. It is said that metallic mouth is an indicator that the lady is consuming a sufficient amount of sodium and iron. Hence it is not harmful rather beneficial to experience a metallic taste in the mouth.

2. During pregnancy, the body retains the excess amount of water since the number of cells has increased. Sufficient nutrients, including water, must reach the mother and the baby. This indirectly affects the taste buds, leading to the sensation of metallic mouth.

3. There is a strange connection between the sensation of smelling and tasting. If the lady smells an unpleasant odour, she may feel like tasting a foul thing. This may lead to the psychological condition of the sensation of a metallic mouth.

4. The pregnancy hormones can play a key role during such a condition. Oestrogen is responsible for controlling the tasting sense of the pregnant lady. There are certain fluctuations of oestrogen hormone in the mouth of the woman. This biologically affects the sense of taste. In this way, she feels the metallic mouth taste.

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Feeling of unease and dysguesia during morning sickness must be dealt with utmost optimism. Seek some emotional support. We’re with you.

Are there any statistics performed or any case study in support of the complication?

A 2002 case study supported the fact that pregnant ladies can perceive odours more sensitively than men. There is still a lot of debate going on regarding the effect of oestrogen on the brain and the sensory taste buds. There is still a lot of controversies regarding the benefit or ill-effect of the smelling or tasting sense of the mother. 

According to leading experts, mothers develop sniffers more accurately during ovulation. This helps them reject all kinds of food rich in toxins and chemicals. The taste of alcohol, cigarette, and rotten vegetables can be taken as an example. The nose has a significant role in keeping the baby safe.

Many times Dysgeusia creates a situation of nausea. This condition of nausea is somehow helpful for preventing miscarriage. There have been cases where abnormal taste sensitivity has been reported during the early stages of pregnancy. There is no specific scientific evidence that supports the actual condition of the lady during the metallic mouth.

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For how long do Dysgeusia last during pregnancy?

The actual period of Dysgeusia varies from person to person. In some ladies, it is completely absent. It is mostly seen from the early period when the lady becomes pregnant. Certain modification starts in the body along with a metallic mouth. But in others, it continues for a prolonged period. The lasting period have been discussed herein details:

1. Within the progression of pregnancy, the condition of metallic mouth also increases appreciably. This starts from the period of early pregnancy. The complication increases, but the rate of increase is not fixed.

2. By the period of the second trimester, the condition starts to reduce. With the end of the third trimester, the metallic mouth is completely cured. It is a common feature among all the suffered mothers.

3. In some exceptional cases, the condition prevails throughout the entire cycle of pregnancy. It is also an absolutely normal condition to face. The person is not required to worry about anything.

4. The condition needs to worry about if it is giving the pregnant lady complications like poor eating habits and extreme nausea. In such a scenario, medical supervision is required. But it is not harmful or associated with any kind of risk factor.

5. From a professional point of view, no medical treatment required to cure metallic mouths. Doctors may prescribe medicines. But it will not be a good thing to consume unnecessary medicines to tackle such a small problem.

6. It is not possible to eliminate the condition of Dysgeusia. With the tactics and food habits, the condition or the effect of the condition can be reduced. It will be a good initiative.

7. Some foods intensify the flow of saliva washes the metallic taste of mouth. They can be taken instantly if the sensation comes in the mouth. They will greatly reduce the time of the metallic mouth condition.

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How to get rid of bad taste in mouth during pregnancy?

1. Contrasting flavours like pickles, citrus juice can be effective for neutralizing the metallic taste in the mouth. The strong taste of the citrus element will control the sensation in the mouth. Eating sour candies or some lemon-flavoured pickle is the best thing the pregnant lady will enjoy. For this reason, the ladies want jars of pickles at hand from the early months of pregnancy.

2. Any food material marinated with vinegar can be useful to beat Dysgeusia. It will make the tough adapted with the sour taste. Onion dipped in vinegar may be taken along with the meals. The sour taste of the vinegar will activate the other taste buds. This will deactivate the sensory actions of the taste buds that witness the bitter taste.

3. Using ginger as a food ingredient or ginger tea can be an effective mode of controlling the metallic taste in the mouth. The strong essence of ginger gives a feeling of refreshment. When taken with tea, the pregnant lady will get many more benefits apart from preventing the metallic taste of mouth.

4. A small amount of baking powder or salt can be used for gargling several times. It will progressively reduce the metallic taste of the mouth. The gargling can be done in the morning after brushing the teeth in the morning. It will also help to keep the throat clean. Cough and cold are prevented by this method apart from curing the bitter taste of mouth.

5. Green apples can give relief from the lingering metallic taste. This fruit is very beneficial for this purpose. Eating a green apple a day will surely keep the metallic taste of mouth away. Green apples are also rich in oxidants. They will greatly provide nourishment to the mother and the baby.

6. Water in a container with some lemon juice squeezed in it can be very helpful for fighting the metallic taste in mouth during pregnancy. It should not be compared to a glass of lemon juice. It is made by mixing a small piece of lemon squeezed into the glass of lukewarm water.

7. Oral hygiene maintenance can be an important way that can act as a defensive mechanism. Using a mouthwash, gentle brushing, frequent use of mouthwash can be important modes of fighting this issue. The dentists mainly recommend this method to fight any kind of bacterial problem in the mouth.

8. Trying some good food of unknown taste can overlap the metallic taste of the mouth during the later period of pregnancy. It can be a delicious continental dish or a dessert of quality taste. There is no limitation over foods when it comes to the period of pregnancy. The mother can try a variety of dishes. There will be no issues with it.

9. Popsicles and ice-cream are falling under the category of colder foods. They can be very useful for making a unique taste of the mouth. Consuming these foods at a greater amount will be beneficial as the mother can catch a cold. Moreover, the immunity power of the mother is low during this period. Hence the consumption of cold products should be limited.

10. Spicy food can be a good option for making a complimentary taste of the metallic one. It will excite the taste buds, and eventually, the metallic sensation will be gone forever.

11. Mint leaves are Ayurveda ways of destroying the metallic taste of the mouth. Chewing mint leaves for a while will surely help the pregnant lady.

12. Chewing sugarless gum can be another way. But this is not so effective because chewing the gum puts a lot of pressure on the jaws. The jaws become tired and ache in the jaws.

13. There are many modifications regarding the dietary changes. Taking snacks is the best one. Snacking on salting crackers will effectively reduce the tendency of sensory metallic taste of the mouth.

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Conclusive Remarks On Loss Of Taste During Pregnancy

Dysgeusia or metallic mouth is not a serious matter of concern. It is just a symptom that occurs during pregnancy. The symptom goes away with time. It is a natural phenomenon. But if the taste is giving any additional distress or complication, the lady must visit a doctor.

A little change in dietary habits and some useful remedies will work best for the loss of taste during pregnancy. Generally, The metallic mouth is experienced by all the pregnant ladies.

There is no requirement of taking any kind of medicines for curing metallic mouth. Some small changes in food habits will be enough for the sensation.

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