Makhana Nutrition: Get These 10 Proven Health Benefits Now!

How Do The Fox Nuts Or Makhana Nutrition Offers One Of The Best Healthy Snack Choices For You?

The snack time is one of the times when the kids look for something to munch on, and the mothers are usually worried about what kind of side effects these snacks will have on their kids. Well, to ease up these issues, there is a healthy and super quality snack that is usually associated with fasting.

Yes, it is the Lotus seed or Fox Nut or Makhana, most prevalent in India as a fasting snack or seed used in sweets. Harvested in basically the Bihar region, this is a light snack best for evening snacks with a lot of beneficial values hidden.

With the pulpy and soft fruits blooming on the plant used as cooling medicine in China and the seeds that are usually roasted before consumption, the plant of Fox nut, Lotus Seed, Makhana, or Eurayle Ferox is precious.

The fox nut used in both medicine and cuisine offers an ample amount of benefits. Roasted and sprinkled with spices and condiments, these are a tasty treat with the nutritional values.

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The Hidden Nutritional Values of Fox Nuts

With so many nutritional values, the makhanas are a real charm. With low cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium on the one hand, and an excellent source of manganese, potassium, magnesium, thiamin, protein, and phosphorus, these makhana nutrients are a box full of goodness.

With a bunch of minerals and vitamins, every single seed of fox nut is ready to fill your body with the goodness of nutrition. I bet with you that the roasted ones are sure to surprise you with the richness of soulful taste. Given below are some considerable makhana nutrition facts for your reference.

The nutrients that every 100 gram of fox nut carry include the following:

  • Energy- 350 calories
  • Fat- 0.1 gram
  • Protein- 9.7 gram
  • Carbohydrates- 77 gram
  • Fibre- 7.6 gram
  • Sodium- 210 milligram
  • Potassium- 500 milligram
  • Calcium- 60 milligram

The thiamine content in lotus seeds is beneficial in maintaining the wholesome cognitive functions of the nerves. It helps in the generation of Acetylcholine that is required with the motive of neurotransmission.

The high fibre content helps in maintaining the excretory tract. It also helps in maintaining the cholesterol level by removing all the spleen from the body. The potassium reduces the risk of heart attack and hypertension.

The seeds, filled with the goodness of vitamins and minerals that help to regulate the body system is a real multivitamin source that one can consume quickly. With so many benefits and nutritions, the significant health benefits that fox nuts offer are infinite.

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10 Proven Health Benefits of Amazing Fox Nuts For You

Fox nut or makhana are filled with so many nutritional values, and the health benefits they offer are ample. With the high content of proteins, vitamins, and fibres, this is good for regulating and cleaning the blood flow and ensuring better functioning of the body.

Some of the incredible health benefits that makhana offer to its consumers are as below:

1. Makhana Nutrition Helps Enormously With Superb Anti-ageing Agent

If you are looking for some natural and delicious anti-ageing agent, then the makhana is the best option. Not known to many, the fox nut’s nutritional values help reduce the pace of ageing. The enzymes present in the fox nut are extracted the obstruct the ageing process.

Rich in the anti-oxidants, makhanas help you to fight the radical look of being old. By fixing and preserving the impaired proteins, they keep your skin fasten and glowy.

2. Makhana Nutrition Aids Weight Loss

Losing that extra inch and gram from the body is the dream of all. Munching on fried and high-fat snacks is not going to help you reach your target weight. But with the fox nut, one can keep their weight in control with quite an ease.

The low glycemic index makes you feel full and satisfied, thus reducing the intake. With the nutrition that it gives to boost your body and reduce the weight, the fox nut is beneficial in weight loss.

3. Makhana Nutrition Provides Anti-inflammatory Effects

Acting as the aid in flushing out the toxins from the body, the fox nuts are beneficial for the spleen. With nutrition, it helps renew the body with its natural health and strength and recycling the red blood cells.

The phytonutrients act as the radical fighting bodies that protect us from various diseases. The natural compound, kaempferol found in the fox nut, reduces inflammation in the body.

4. Makhana Nutrition May Help Relieve Your Insomnia

Have you got an issue with the sound sleep at night? Do you find it challenging to have a calm sleep? Then give a try to the fox nut.

With the natural compounds present, the lotus seed can regulate and improve the overall sleep pattern. The naturally available sedative component in the fox nut helps to fix the issue of insomnia.

5. Makhana Nutrition May Help Prevent Your Diabetes

The body’s failure to generate and maintain and utilize the insulin is the ailment termed as diabetes. With the low calories and fat per serving size and rich in fibre, fox nuts help keep the blood sugar level.

The vital proteins and starch-rich lotus seeds are significant to help the diabetic person. Being a good source of antioxidants, the fox nut protects a person from diabetic complications.

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6. Makhana Nutrition Reduces Heart Diseases and Helps Maintain Your Blood pressure

Heart-related diseases are quite common today. With the high amount of glucosides, an antioxidant available in the fox nut, the regular consumption of fox nut will reduce the risk of heart disease and also hypertension.

The negligible amount of fat in fox nuts reduces the risk of blood thickening and thereby reduces the chances of heart-related diseases. Being rich in potassium and low sodium content, the consumption of fox nuts keeps a check on the blood pressure level and avoids arrhythmia.

7. Makhana Nutrition Promotes Your Bone Health

Strong bones are a must to keep yourself active. With the proper amount of calcium in the fox nuts and essential minerals in the proportionate ratio, intake of fox nut fulfils the calcium needs. Enhancing bone health and reducing the chances of injuries also help combat issues like osteoporosis. Additionally, it is an ancient and natural remedy for arthritis as well.

8. Makhana Nutrition May Help Soothe Your Kidneys

The ancient Chinese medicine uses fox nuts extensively. Since fox nuts help regulate blood flow through the body and reduce the risk of hypertension and blood pressure, these do help stimulate the kidney functions as well.

Intake of the fox nut at a sufficient amount is beneficial in reducing the risk of the diseases and various health-related conditions like urinary inconsistency, polyuria, and even kidney failure.

9. Makhana Nutrition May Help Cure Infertility

Infertility or low sexual performance turns out to be one of the most serious and real issues in the life of married couples. Considered to be the aphrodisiac in the Ayurveda, the natural hydrants help to lock the moisture in the body. Consumption of lotus seed can enhance sex life by helping men with premature ejaculation, improving the quality of semen, and helping the women suffering from infertility.

10. Makhana Nutrition Acts As Good Protein Supplement With Low Glycemic Index

With a great source of protein, the intake of the lotus seed can help fulfil the protein deficiency, and the same is recommended by the doctors as well.

With the low glycemic index, the energy released in the body is also at the slower speed that helps you to stay energetic throughout the day. With the help to keep the stress away, the mind is kept at peace, and this ensures calmness and soothing aura.

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Probable Side Effects of Fox Nuts That You Must Take Care Of

Excess of anything is wrong. The same goes for the consumption of the fox nuts. Excess use of fox nuts can lead to various side-effects; some of them are:

  • Due to the astringent properties, excessive consumption of starchy fox nuts can lead to allergies.
  • It is not good to consume fox nuts when you have a cold, flu, or diarrhoea.
  • It can lead to digestive complications like constipation, gas, and can lead to feeling bloated.
  • Excessive intake can result in a spike of insulin level, which is not recommendable to a diabetic patient.
  • Avoid high consumption of fox nuts, if you are already on medication as it could have an adverse reaction.

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Fox Nuts Recipes Are An Excellent Blend Of Health With Taste

With the perfect blend of positives, the makhanas are sure to get added to your plate of food. With no need to fry them, the best way to add this healthy snack to the family’s evening snack chart is quite easy. Tossing them in the spices and condiments of choice, be it just pepper and salt or mixed with mint, are among the most natural cooked snacks.

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To Wind Up On Makhana Nutrition, I Have To Say That

With so many benefits that the fox nuts offer, these are delicious snacks for a better lifestyle. Used for more than thousands of years as the snack of fast, these need to get space on the shelf of the evening snack for children.

With multiple uses ranging from use in medicine, to use in desserts, and use an evening snack, this serves a lot. The fox nut is a perfect munching evening snack with the proteins and vitamins it contains if consumed in adequate quantities.

Like two sides of a coin, the fox nut also carries benefits as well as some side-effects. Excessive consumption is not advisable at all. So, it is recommended to know, analyze and consult the physician, if needed, before starting the use of the fox nuts for its medicinal benefits.

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