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Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disease characterized by a decrease in bone mass and a deterioration of the microarchitecture of the bones. It means an increase in the fragility of the bones and the risk of suffering fractures.

This pathology is asymptomatic and can go unnoticed for many years until it finally manifests itself with a fracture.


This pathology is more common in women, although it can also effected men, especially if they are of old age.

The socio-sanitary repercussion of osteoporosis is enormous and is measured in terms of the incidence of fractures. Approximately 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men over 50 years of age will suffer at least one osteoporotic fracture in their remaining life.


The origin of osteoporosis must be sought in the factors that influence the development and quality of bone. The risk of developing osteoporosis will be determined by the peak bone mass is achieved in adulthood and the decline caused by aging.

In addition to aging, genetic and hereditary factors intervene in its appearance. Daughters of mothers who have osteoporosis, for example, acquire a lower bone mass volume than that of daughters of mothers with normal bones, and the same happens with univiteline twins.

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Symptoms of osteoporosis

For years osteoporosis has been known as the silent epidemic because this pathology does not produce symptoms, although pain appears when the fracture occurs.

Specialists point out that some vertebral fractures can go unnoticed since there are no symptoms. In these cases, the opportunity to stop the loss of bone mass and reduce the risk of new fractures is lost.

1. Vertebral fracture

In these cases, the patient presents a very intense acute pain that appears when making light efforts, such as moderate weight-bearing or slight trauma.

The patient will have a contracture that will prevent them from flexing and/or rotating the spine. The crisis usually lasts two to three weeks, and the intensity of the pain will decrease progressively in the following three months; the remission can be total or partial.

Other symptoms of this fracture are a dull, deep and localized pain in the iliac fosse and flanks due to the friction of the costal arch with the pelvis. This possibility helps to rule out examinations to look for the existence of any intestinal or kidney pathology.

2. Hip fracture

This section includes all the fractures that go from the femur’s head to approximately 5 cm of the minor truncate.

Hip fractures are considered by specialists to be indicative of osteoporosis when they occur after low-energy trauma, such as a fall while standing.

Within hip fractures, there are two types that present different clinical manifestations.

In the case of intracapsular (femoral neck, cervical, transcervical or medial fractures) that are not displaced, the patient presents moderate pain in the groin region. In addition, they have somewhat limited hip movements.

3. Distal forearm fracture

This type of fractures associated with osteoporosis is associated with low bone mineral density and the presence of low-intensity trauma, such as a fall on the hand.

The suspicion of osteoporosis should appear if, after the fall, the patient feels pain in the wrist region together with functional impotence.

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Osteoporosis Know Causes Symptoms TNH The Nutrition Hunt www.thenutritionhunt.com osteoporosis TNH, HEALTH TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Osteoporosis prevention

The prevention of osteoporosis is essential to prevent the progression of the pathology. Here are some recommendations to preserve and increase bone density:

1. Maintain an adequate intake of calcium.

Practice physical exercises in which the patient does not have to bear body weight. Recent studies have shown that exercises that require the muscles to move the bones maintain and may even increase bone density. One of the most recommended in this regard is the body pump.  

Follow pharmacological treatment if prescribed by the doctor.

2. Osteoporosis exercises

Playing sports increases bone mass during the growth of children and adolescents and can also help reduce the loss in the elderly.

It also has other benefits: It increases flexibility, coordination and muscle strength, which helps reduce the risk of falls.

Specialists indicate that exercise must be adapted to the patient’s circumstances and recommend taking a daily walk to preserve the patient’s motor patterns.

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Osteoporosis Know Causes Symptoms TNH The Nutrition Hunt www.thenutritionhunt.com 4 osteoporosis TNH, HEALTH TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar


This article will provide you all the necessary information about Osteoporosis. Now you have a detailed guide related to osteoporosis, which will help you in treating this disease.


1. What is the cause of osteoporosis?

There are many factors that contribute to and exacerbate the development of osteoporosis. They include:

  • diet
  • Activity level
  • Hypo sexual hormone

2. What are the risk factors for osteoporosis?

Some of the most common risk factors for osteoporosis are often unavoidable. That is, you have no control over their appearance.

These factors are:

  • To be a woman
  • Get older
  • Has a family history of osteoporosis.

3. How is osteoporosis treated?

There are many different ways to treat osteoporosis. Non-surgical methods include:

Most osteoporosis-related fractures occur on the wrist, spine, or lower back. Your doctor may recommend a brace if you have a fracture, especially if you have a spinal fracture.

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