Best Advice on Pregnancy Tests for the Would be Moms

Pregnancy is the phase when an offspring or more than one gets developed inside a woman’s body. It is also known as gestation. This is a natural process that most women go through one or multiple times in their lives. This is how the human race goes further. Let’s discuss the testing processes, symptoms, accuracy level, and everything one needs to know about Pregnancy.

What is a pregnancy test, and how it works?

Getting pregnant is a normal process. If a woman misses her regular period dates and has an active marital life, getting pregnant is normal. The test is, however, the quickest and easiest way to find out whether the woman is bearing a baby in her or not.

The test kits are pretty affordable and readily available in local medical shops. To buy one of them, you do not need to have a prescription. Just buying one of such kits can partially confirm whether you will have a baby. However, you need to go for further tests, but this is the first report that one can do at her home.

The woman needs to pee on the pregnancy test stick. It calculates the amount of HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone in the urine. This hormone is produced by the cells in a human body that are growing around an embryo. So, the count of HCG can tell whether the woman is pregnant or not.

When an egg gets implanted in a woman’s uterus, you can expect the count of HCG to be very high. Hence this is the first test. The HCG count rises very quickly after six days of fertilization. It gets doubled every 2-3 days.

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How accurate are these pregnancy tests?

The accuracy level is pretty high. In 99% of cases, these tests are accurate. Whenever you visit a doctor, he may ask you to go for a urine pregnancy test. You are doing the same thing at your house only! So, the test is pretty accurate! But the accuracy depends on a few points.

If one maintains all these points, then the test result will be correct. The points are;

1. Expiration of the kit:

When you buy the equipment from a local medical store, just check the expiry date of the package. If the bag is expired, you are not going to get a correct and perfect result. You need to have a new and improved kit for an accurate result. If the expiration date is over, the package won’t produce a fruitful and precise result.

2. Duration of test:

Some people pee on the kit and check it quickly. This is the wrong procedure. You need to wait for 10 minutes. Research shows that if a woman waits for 10 minutes, the accurate result comes out. So, once you pee on the stick, just wait there for 10 minutes, and after that, check the result.

3. When to use the kit?

Once you miss a period, give your body some time. The HCG hormone doubles with days passed. On the first day of skipping your period doesn’t show an accurate result. The amount of HCG in a woman’s body on the first day is meagre. One needs to wait for at least 5-6 days after she misses her periods. After 5-6 days, the number of HCG increases in the woman’s body, and the test results are very accurate.

However, some pregnancy testing companies claim that they are going to give the correct effect on the very first day; But this is a myth. No test kit can be that much accurate. Wait for a couple of days before taking the test.

4. Is it the same for everyone?

Well, every woman gets pregnant in her ways. The HCG hormone gets produced if and only if the egg gets attached to the walls of the uterus. This phenomenon takes place at different times in different women.

In some, this thing happens on the very first day of missing their period. At the same time, some women face this stage after 5-6 days of a missing period. So, on the safer side, one can go for the tests only after 5-6 days of the missed date.

5. Branded test kit:

Some test kits are pricey, and they are ultra-sensitive towards HCG. So, the test results coming out of these sensitive test kits are perfect and accurate. If you cannot wait to learn whether you are pregnant, you can go for the pricey test kits. They are also available online, and you can quickly get one for your use.

8 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Top 7 Fertility Myths Among Men & Women_The Nutrition Hunt_TNH

1. Missing periods:

If you lost your period abruptly and capable of bearing a child, this can be a sign!

2. Swollen breasts:

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes in your body. If you are pregnant, the early sign can be swollen and tender breasts.

3. More urination:

During pregnancy, the blood circulation in your body increases. Hence, the kidney produces more fluids, and you need to visit the loo more.

4. Vomiting:

Again, the hormones here. The hormones are changing, and that creates a nausea-like feeling in many women. Some feel terrible vomiting, feeling once they get pregnant.

5. Fatigue:

The progesterone hormone count rises with having a baby in your body. So, the body feels fatigued. This is a very typical symptom.

6. Bloating:

During your menstrual cycle, you feel bloated due to the rise of hormones in your body. The same thing happens during Pregnancy, as well.

7. Mood swings:

The same thing happens when you are on your period. Your mood keeps going up and down like a swing during Pregnancy. This is, of course, a sign.

8. Constipation and cramps:

The change in hormones, illness, and pains can be seen in many women. These are some of the less obvious symptoms of Pregnancy in a woman.

Types of Pregnancy tests:

Mainly two types of pregnancy tests are available in the world; The urine pregnancy test and the Blood test. The first one you can do at your home and can be done at the clinic as well. The second one can only be done at the clinic.

1. Urine Pregnancy test

This is a standard test done in many countries. This test kit counts the HCG hormone level in your body. The hormone starts showing its presence after six days of a missing period. When the Pregnancy is at the 8-11 weeks stage, the HCG count becomes highest, and after that, it starts decreasing.

A perfect and accurate test can be done only 12- 14 days after the ovulation process starts. If someone tries doing the test before that, the results can vary.

  • Home pregnancy kits are of two types; Standard ones and the Digital ones. Now in both cases, one needs to pee on the stick. In the first one, strips come on the display screen showing whether you are pregnant. In the second one, on-screen, you can see a text beeping ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not pregnant.’ In the case of some test kits, some signs also appear. The directions are given on the packet. One can understand that clearly from the instructions.
  • Clinical urine tests are done under the supervision of expert doctors. They take care of the procedure. The process is the same. The result comes out after a lot of days. In this case, the delay of time happens. The results are very accurate and more precise than the home test for sure. As the experts are doing the test, you can solely depend on this result.

2. Blood tests

Best Advice on Pregnancy Tests and everything you need to know TNH 2 pregnancy test TNH, PREGNANCY NUTRITION TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

These tests are done at a doctor’s clinic, and the results are very accurate. At the same time, the report comes much earlier than the urine lab tests. In this case, also the HCG level is checked in a woman’s body. The test is pretty expensive, but the result is very accurate. Generally, two types of blood tests are done;

  • Quantitative HCG test: If the HCG level in a woman is shallow, this test is done. The result is very accurate, even if the hormone count is low.
  • Qualitative HCG test: This takes time. After 10- 12 days of conception, this test can be done. Here, the result is either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ The report can be received very quickly in this case.

3. Online tests

Though many apps and software claim that they can perform a risk-free positive pregnancy test online, this is highly doubtful. They produce a set of questions, and depending on the answers, they ‘predict’ whether you are pregnant or not! This is a myth! It is always better to visit a doctor when you think you are pregnant.

Where can you take the test?

You can take the test at home, office, club, holiday or wherever you are! Just buy a pregnancy testing kit, pee on it, wait for some time, and then check it! If you want a clinical report of your Pregnancy, you should need to visit a doctor.

Some people do not believe in these testing kits; they need clinical reports. For those people, clinics are there. You can go for blood tests as well. They are pricey yet produce accurate and quick outcomes.

If your test shows a positive result, what’s next?

Best Advice on Pregnancy Tests and everything you need to know TNH 3 pregnancy test TNH, PREGNANCY NUTRITION TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

It is tough to confirm the Pregnancy at home. Though the result stays the same in most cases, a woman must soon visit a doctor. The doctor checks you and tells you what you need to do. What are the procedures for taking care of yourself? The doctor sometimes needs to meet the family members of the ‘would be a mother.’ So, anyways you need to visit a gynaecologist soon.

If your home test shows a negative result, what’s next?

There are chances that the kit you used was faulty. Sometimes, even if the package is up to date, it produces the wrong result. You may not use the equipment properly as well. Your pee can be diluted due to the extra water consumption. Sometimes, the effect of some medicines shows odd results.

These all can be possible reasons behind a negative report apart from you not being ‘Pregnant.’ So, it is always better to see a doctor whether your result comes positive or negative.


These are everything you might want to know about Pregnancy. You must need to stop smoking, consuming alcohol, and drugs if you’re going to get pregnant. Try to stay away from these if you want to have a healthy baby without facing a lot of medical complications.

Take care of yourself and take suggestions from a doctor. They are the best people to suggest what you must do. Follow their recommendations, and you may end up having a beautiful baby without pregnancy complications.

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