Red Banana Nutrition & 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Red banana: A rare gem for you!

Have you ever heard of a red banana? If no, then don’t worry we got you covered here. Red banana (Musa acuminate) also known as Dhaka banana has berries like aroma and a red outer peel. It certainly worth its weight in gold as it is loaded with some vital nutrients. It is less popular than a yellow banana but more sweeter and healthier.

It roots from subgroups of banana in South Asia. Many health experts have suggested the amazing health benefits of the red banana.

So, let’s take a plunge and discover the Red banana nutrition and its amazing health benefits.

Red banana nutrition facts

The nutrition content of 100 grams of Red banana and cooking banana is given below:

NutrientsRed BananaCooking Banana

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Red Banana Flower

Nutritional analysis

Red banana is packed densely with some vital nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, fibre, potassium, magnesium, and many more which have amazing health benefits.


Red bananas host a fair amount of carbohydrate which is mostly present in the form of starch and sugars. Starch is the major constituent of unripe banana and during ripening this starch gets converted to sugar. Sucrose, fructose, and glucose are the most known form of sugars in red banana. They have a low GI index ranging from 42-58 which is linked to how quickly Carbohydrate enters your bloodstream and elevates blood sugar level. Hence red bananas are considered good for low blood pressure. 


Red bananas are a good source of soluble fibre such as plectin. As they ripen the level of plectin increases which is the reason why ripen ones are more tender. Plectin is linked to the moderation of blood sugar levels in the body. 

Vitamins and minerals


Red bananas are a rich source of potassium. A fair amount of potassium in your diet is linked to optimal blood pressure and a healthy heart.

Vitamin B6

Red bananas host a fair share of vitamin B6 which is linked to the building of red blood cells and neurotransmitters. A single red banana can provide you with 33% of the daily value of vitamin B6. 

Vitamin C

Red bananas are high in vitamin C like most other fruits. Vitamin C holds a plethora of vital functions like wound healing, absorption of iron, the formation of bones and teeth, etc. 

Calories in Red banana

Red banana is low in calories and a medium-sized red banana hosts around 90 calories. The low content of calories curbs body fat and thus aids in weight management. The calorie content of a red banana is lower than that of a yellow banana which makes red banana healthier. 

Red Banana Nutrition 7 Amazing Health Benefits1 TNH Red banana TNH, FOOD NUTRITION Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar
Red Banana among other variants

Are Red bananas good for me?

Here are the 7 Amazing Red Banana Benefits for you:

There are a plethora of amazing health benefits of Red banana as it is densely packed with a wide array of vital nutrients. 

Weight loss

Red bananas host low calories and high fibre which curb your cravings and keep you full for a longer duration. Thus, red banana in your fruit bowl can cut the extra body fat and helps in losing some pounds.  

Lower the blood pressure

Red bananas are high on potassium which is linked to low blood pressure and eliminates the risk of cardiovascular disease. The regular consumption of red banana can scale down the blood pressure for people with hypertension. 

Good for eye health

Red bananas are rich sources of beta-carotenoids which are the precursors of vitamin A. It is essential for healthy eyesight.  Thus red bananas promote eye health. 

Boost immunity

Red bananas host several antioxidants that are good for the immune system. They are also rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6 which are linked to strong immunity. Further vitamin C also fights against various infections to keep health scourges at bay.

Good for digestive health

Red bananas are rich in fibre content which is linked to smooth bowel movements. They also host prebiotics which improves gut health. On top of that red bananas also contain oligosaccharides that aids in reducing inflammation. 

Good for skin and hair

Red bananas exhibit anti-ageing properties as they host some anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds such as vitamin c and carotenoids. They stimulate collagen which improves skin and hair texture. 

Manage diabetes

Red bananas have a low glycaemic index(GI). Many studies have shown that low GI index aids in scaling down the sudden spike in blood sugar levels. Thus regular consumption of red banana can help to manage diabetes. 

Red banana: Q&A

  • Q: Is red banana beneficial for babies?
  • A: Yes, it can be the best weaning food for babies. It can cure constipation and is also highly recommended for malnourished children because of rich nutritional content.
  • Q: How red banana benefits for fertility?
  • A: Red bananas are rich sources of potassium and vitamin B6 which are linked to good fertility. It benefits for fertility by improving sperm and egg quality.
  • Q: When should I eat a red banana?
  • A: It is best to eat red bananas 2-3 hours before bedtime as it takes time for digestion.
  • Q: Are red banana healthier than a yellow banana?
  • A: Red banana hosts lower-calorie and have a low GI index than a yellow banana. The lower GI index reduces blood sugar and low-calorie aid in weight management hence red banana has a slight edge over the yellow banana.

Red banana side effects

The optimal consumption of red bananas has no possible side-effects. However, overeating may lead to bloating, cramping, or vomiting. It can also trigger an allergy in some individuals. Also, people who are sensitive to latex should avoid red bananas. 

Red banana: All in all

Red bananas are a superfood that provides a plethora of health benefits. They are high in antioxidants, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. On top of that they also offer low calories and high fibre. All these make Red bananas boon for us.

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