Rice Bran Oil Nutrition & 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Rice Bran Oil: One of the most sought-after healthiest oils on Earth.

Oil is the cornerstone of our daily foods. It not only adds a nice flavour to food but also acts as a catalyst to a healthy lifestyle. It has a wide array of the job to serve ranging from keeping our heart healthy to boost our immunity and thus aids in keeping the health scourges at bay.

And this is the reason, health experts suggest to pick the cooking oil wisely. So, in this article, we will look at some alluring qualities of Rice bran oil and its amazing health benefits.

What is Rice bran oil?

The oil extracted from the outer layer of rice called chaff is known as Rice bran oil. The high smoke point and extremely mild flavour make it favourable for stir-frying as well as for deep frying.

The Rice bran oil is immensely popular in Asian countries and is also recommended by WHO as an ideal choice to keep down the cholesterol level. Also, the plethora of other health benefits makes Rice bran oil one of the healthiest cooking oils.

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A farmer using seive to collect Rice Bran
Rice Bran Oil extraction process

There are many extraction processes employed to extract Rice bran oil. The extraction process includes:

  • Solvent extraction process
  • Mechanical pressing
  • Soxhlet extraction
  • Supercritical fluid extraction
  • Sub-critical extraction
  • Enzyme-assisted aqueous extraction

After extraction, the liquid is filtered and then it is used to make Rice bran oil.

To learn in-depth about the Rice bran oil extraction process you can visit ResearchGate.

Rice Bran Oil Nutrition Facts

The following nutrition facts are from USDA for 1 tablespoon of Rice bran oil.

Rice bran oil vs Sunflower oil vs Olive oil: Which is healthier?
Rice Bran Oil

It is fairly a new kind of oil whose popularity has skyrocketed over the years. Health experts believe that Rice bran oil is the healthiest of all. It hosts a chemical called oryzanol which controls the cholesterol.

It also contains a good share of unsaturated fats which are linked to good cholesterol in the body. Also, the high smoking point allows deep frying such as chips. 

Sunflower Oil 

Sunflower oils are extracted from the seeds of sunflowers. It is rich in vitamin E which makes it ideal for use in cosmetic products. It is also blended with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Since it has a high smoking point so it used in frying chips, samosa, and other stuff. Sunflower oil can increase the blood sugar level which can be a concerning factor for diabetes patients. 

Olive Oil

Olive oil host a fair share of monounsaturated fatty acids that are linked to a healthy heart and minimize the risk of breast cancer. It also lowers the cholesterol level. Olive oil is excellent with pasta, pancakes, risottos, etc. 

Note: Rice bran oil stands out from these two oils and is much healthier as it is high in oryzanol that other oils do not have much.

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Do you know?

The outer husk (bran) of a kernel of rice from which Rice bran oil is extracted has a mild flavour and taste. This flavour remains with the oil but the carb content is lost during the extraction process. Because of this flavour, Rice bran oil is versatile and used in an array of cooking applications.

Nutritional analysis

Rice bran oil is extracted from the outer layer of rice grain known as bran. Rice, as you know, is a rich source of carbohydrate but surprisingly Rice bran oil provides 0 grams of carbohydrate. 


Rice bran oil hosts 3 different types of fats:

  1. Monounsaturated fats
  2. Polyunsaturated fats
  3. Saturated fats

Monosaturated fats: The majority of fats content in Rice bran oil are monosaturated fats which boost the “good” cholesterol level. Health experts always suggest choosing foods with monosaturated fats over saturated fats. 

Polyunsaturated fats: Rice bran oil also hosts a fair share of polyunsaturated fats that helps to reduce the bad cholesterol level. This is the reason many health experts suggest including 3-10% of polyunsaturated fats in your regular diet. 

Saturated fats: Rice bran oil also holds a small share of saturated fats that are linked to heart-related risks. 


Rice bran oil does not contain any amount of protein. 

Vitamins and minerals

Rice bran oil lacks mineral content but hosts some vital vitamins. The two major vitamins hosted by rice bran oil are vitamin E and vitamin K

Vitamin E

One tablespoon of Rice bran oil hosts 22% of total vitamin E needed in a day in a 2000 calorie diet. Vitamin E boosts immunity. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant and protects cells from oxidative damage. 

Vitamin K

One tablespoon of Rice bran oil hosts 3.3 micrograms of vitamin k. It is also a fat-soluble vitamin and linked to blood clotting and strong bones. 

Rice bran oil also hosts a few grams of phytosterols that aid in lowering blood cholesterol. 

The fame of Rice bran oil 
Rice Bran Oil Nutrition 7 Amazing Health Benefits1 TNH Rice bran oil TNH, FOOD NUTRITION Health benefits, Nutrition, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar
Rice Bran Oil Cooking Tips!

Rice bran oil is blended with good flavors that lure our taste buds. On top of that, they provide many health benefits and are considered one of the healthiest cooking oils.

There is a wide array of dishes cooked from the Rice bran oil. It is hugely popular in Asian country and many Asian cuisines are fried in rice bran oil.

Some of the most popular cuisines cooked in this oil are Asparagus, Wild mushroom, Roseberry rice, Spinach feta rice, Roasted rice stuff sugar pumpkins, and the list just goes on. 

Rice Bran Oil for cooking

It is a versatile oil and perfect for frying and baking as its subtle taste does not predominantly mix or overpower a dish. The high smoke point makes Rice bran oil suitable for deep frying at high temperatures.

And moreover, its beneficial compounds remain intact at high temperatures also. It has a nutty flavour which makes it even more alluring for cooking.

Uses of Rice Bran Oil:
  • It is commonly used in the preparation of vegetable ghee. 
  • The extract of Rice bran oil that is rice bran wax is used in cosmetics, shoe creams, and other polishing compounds
  • It is also used in many dietary supplements. 
7 Amazing Health Benefits of Rice Bran Oil
Healthy heart

Rice bran oil is a friend of your heart. It contains a chemical called oryzanol an antioxidant that helps to lower the absorption of cholesterol and stimulate cholesterol elimination. It also hosts the right amount of unsaturated fatty acids that are linked to a healthy heart. 

Helps Weight loss

Rice bran oil is blended with antioxidants that boost metabolic rate and may aid in weight loss. 

Boosts skin health

The vital antioxidants in Rice bran oil are also linked to skin health. A study conducted for 28 days on several people has revealed that Rice bran oil improves thickness, roughness, and elasticity of the skin.

Enhances immunity

Rice bran oil can enhance your first line of defence that is the immune system. Its oryzanol content helps in enhancing the body immunity. 

Aids in the building of muscles

Rice bran oil scale up the level of endorphins in your body which aids in the building of muscle mass. Thus, it helps in muscle development. 

Fights the symptoms of menopause

Rice bran oil aids in the production of luteinizing hormones which prevents various menopause-related symptoms like hot flashes. 

Fights bad breath

Many studies have shown that Rice bran oil reduces bad breaths. Researchers speculate that this property of the oil is linked to its rich antioxidant content. 

Rice Bran Oil: FAQs
  • Q: Is Rice bran oil benefits for hair?
  • A: Rice bran oil is rich in omega-3 & 6 fatty acids which are linked to bouncy and thicker hair. The antioxidants present in Rice bran oil prevents premature hair greying. Thus it is a good source for healthy hair.
  • Q: Is Rice bran oil safe to cook with?
  • A: Yes, it is quite stable and good for pan-frying. Rice bran oil has a high smoke point so you can cook at high temperatures.
  • Q: Can I use Rice bran oil on my face?
  • A: Yes, Rice bran oil is a rich source of vitamin E which penetrates deep into your skin and fights skin’s scourges. The oil can shield you from pollution and acts as a sunscreen.
  • Q: Are Rice water and Rice bran oil the same?
  • A: No, Rice water is obtained after soaking or boiling of rice which can be consumed but is discarded most of the time. Rice bran oil is extracted from the outer layer of rice known as chaff. Rice water contains starch which is absent in rice bran oil. This is the glaring difference between these two.

For detailed study of Rice water and Rice bran oil you can visit ResearchGate.

Rice Bran Oil Side effects

The excessive intake of bran oil in your diet can hamper you and might cause unpredictable bowel movements, intestinal gas, upset stomach. It may also lead to itching and skin rashes in some individuals.

The diet containing a lot of rice bran may affect the health of pregnant ladies. It is also advised to avoid rice bran oil for people with intestinal ulcers, adhesion, slow digestion, any stomach or intestinal disorders.

Rice Bran Oil: All in all

Rice bran oil is the healthiest cooking oil with plenty of health benefits. The rich oryzanol content is unique to rice bran oil which makes it stand out from the rest of the oils.

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