12 Amazing Benefits of Sendha Namak & How to use it?

Add Sendha Namak to the dish prepared and witness its incredible benefits.

What is Sendha Namak?

It is a crystalline variety of salt. The regular table salt is obtained by evaporating seawater but the rock salt is mined from Himalayan rocks. The sodium chloride content is less than the regular table salt.

What is the composition of Sendha Namak?

Out of the 92 trace elements, all major minerals are present in this salt. It is unprocessed and raw. No chemical agents are used for its processing. Unlike other salts, rock salt helps maintain the cooling effect of the body. It is essential for maintaining the pH of the blood. Hence it can be taken as a superior salt than others. In Hindi, the natural rock salt is called Sendha Namak.

12 Amazing Benefits of Sendha Namak How to use it TNH 2 sendha namak TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

What are the health benefits of Sendha Namak?

1. Cures bleeding gums

By mixing Sendha Namak, Triphala powder and Neem powder, a paste is prepared. The paste is then applied to the gum. It will help reducing gum bleeding problems efficiently. Massaging and rinsing the gum for several times will fix the issue certainly. It is the herbal treatment of gum problems.

2. Oedema reduction

Fluid retains in a specific body part and inflammation occurs. A warm solution is prepared by adding rock salt. Then the body part is soaked and the process is repeated. It will certainly cure the oedema problem. Rock salt is an effective medicine for treating inflammation of body parts.

3. Clears skin and shiny hair

Exfoliating the skin using rock salt will kill all the dead cells. Rock salt mixed with honey is a perfect body scrubbing agent. The dirt from hair is removed by rock salt. It will not wash the natural oils from the hair. Rock salt thus proves to be a spa-level product.

4. Stress reducer

Taking a relaxing bath after having water mixed with a pinch of rock salt will greatly help to reduce the stress and anxiety of the person. It can be a good remedial technique to fight a lack of sleep. Sendha Namak is greatly recommended by doctors to fight sleepless nights. One must try to technique to get beneficial results.

5. Sleep promotion

Melatonin hormone regulates the sleep cycle. Sleeping less than 8 hours a day will surely hamper the professional and personal lives of people. Rock salt regulates the hormonal influence of Melatonin and promotes good sleep. It helps the individuals to start the day with a fresh mind.

6. Weight reduction

By reactivating the insulin levels, sugar cravings can be stopped. Rock salt does this thing the best way. It acts on insulin and helps to reduce body weight. With the perfect diet plan and exercises, the addition of rock salt will greatly help to reduce the fat percentage. This is a small modification of substituting regular salt with rock salt.

12 Amazing Benefits of Sendha Namak How to use it TNH 5 sendha namak TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

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7. Sinus treatment

Respiratory problems and sinus can be treated using rock salt. Sore throat and dry cough are best treated by adding rock salt to the meals. The rock salt is dissolved in the water and the steam is inhaled several times. It will relieve the patients suffering from sinus. No artificial medicines are required.

8. Immunity booster

The huge array of minerals present in rock salt can help to strengthen the immune system of the human body. Its action will kill all kinds of harmful bacteria that may cause disease in the body. With the right quantity of good food, it is recommended to add rock salt to the dish. It will do wonders for the body.

9. Blood pressure regulation

The potassium content of rock salt is more than table salt. Hence it helps to fight hypertension affected patients. Rock salt maintains a balance between the lower and higher levels of blood pressure. Stabilizing the blood pressure is another good effect of rock salt. People suffering from high blood pressure should avoid using table salt.

10. Metabolism increment

To maintain healthy cells and nourishment of the body, metabolism is important. Good metabolism will somehow make the body fit and resistant to any kind of harmful diseases. Rock salt increases the metabolic activity of the human body thus making the person fit for daily activities.

11. Digestion improvement

Stomach pain is greatly reduced due to the consumption of rock salt. Taking rock salt with some fresh mint leaves can greatly help fighting bad digestion. Sendha Namak has many health benefits when it comes to treating stomach problems. It is safe to consume and easily obtained in the grocery stores. The price is much lower than conventional table salt.

12. Air purification

Sendha Namak is an ionic air purifier. It attracts all kinds of toxins from the environment. The airborne irritants and pathogens are very crucial agents that make allergic persons fall ill. Rock salt will act as an air-purifying agent at home when it is fixed in a lamp.

What are the side effects of Sendha Namak?

The excessive consumption of anything is detrimental to health. Even if it has large positive effects, there should be optimization. If the person is suffering from a chronic disease, he/she must refer to the doctor before taking the salt. Excess concentration of chloride ions may lead to hyperchloremia in the body. It may result in acidity and kidney damages. Electrolytic imbalance and muscle cramps may also be alarming signs of excessive natural salt consumption.

What are Kala Namak and Sendha Namak?

12 Amazing Benefits of Sendha Namak How to use it TNH 3 sendha namak TNH, HEALTH Health benefits, TNH The Nutrition Hunt Smit Kumar

Kala Namak is Black salt. It is almost black to pinkish-grey colour. Due to rich in sulphur content, it smells like boiled eggs. The high iron content is the reason behind its black colour. The northern Indian regions process the black salt from natural mines. It is used to add flavour in Indian cooking. Ayurveda has mentioned its reference in texts. 

Sendha Namak is Himalayan rock salt. The underground deposits of dried lakes in northern India serve as the source of this salt. Due to its purity, it is used during fasting in religious ceremonies. The sodium content is lower than the regular table salt. It can lower the freezing point of water. Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease must consume this salt.

Is Sendha Namak good for Thyroid?

Thyroid disease can be controlled through medicines in addition to some remedies. The patients don’t get effective results from the medicines because every time they are consuming the wrong salt. The iodine content of the iodized salt is not able to produce a sufficient amount of thyroxine hormone. In such a scenario, natural salt which is popularly called Sendha Namak can be the best alternative. It should be consumed every day around the year for best results. 


Sendha Namak can be an important addition to the meal. There are numerous health benefits of consuming it. It can be a good substitute for iodized salt. Natural salt is a good source of minerals required for the proper functioning of the human body. People of all age groups should start consuming Sendha Namak.

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