How Do Smoking And Drinking Affect Fertility?

Avoid using Cigarettes, Alcohol & Drugs as alternatives to being an interesting person.

Advices & Misconceptions based on Smoking & Drinking

One of the first advice that your parents would render after you have reached a stage of maturity is to focus on your education. The second piece of advice would be not direct, but both know the meaning of it. “Do not get into bad habits”!

Bad habits that our parents tend to teach us to strictly avoid are like smoking, drinking alcohol, and the third one is extreme but still exists. Drugs.

The misconception generally is that smoking affects a few organs in your body and leads to lung cancer, heart disease etc. This is not correct as we examine the ill effects of smoking and drinking alcohol in the passage below.

Since the effects differ in men and women, it has been separately addressed.

Alcohol and Women Fertility

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The images depicted here are for informational purposes only. Not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Readers are expected to take the issue and views with health concerned mindset.

It is a warning in capital letters that Alcohol consumption would lead to Fertility issues in women. Any Doctor would tell you that.

The question is: What is the truth?

Alcohol does have effects on bodily functions. It can delay the set in puberty. Moreover, it would hamper the menstrual cycle and does not spare the reproductive system either.

This effect may vary from women to women as one gets affected more than the other lesser. But the truth is that it does have an impact.

What is more certain is that the women who are trying to conceive should stop drinking alcohol.

The impacts of Alcohol on Female fertility:

Many assume that drinking moderately would not affect their chance of pregnancy. This is also wrong. Let’s see what the effects are.

1. Alcohol leads to Obesity

Consumption of excess calories does tend to lead towards weight gain. But then calories are also nutritious. As long as the calories are obtained from healthy nutrition, the weight stays the same.

Alcohol has calories that are empty and which serve no purpose except contribute to weight gain. It kills the appetite for good food and makes the person consume high-calorie foods that have no nutrition.

Moreover, they disrupt the process of nutrient absorption into the system. This does affect fertility.

2. Disruption in Menstrual process

The link between obesity and fertility is not debatable at all. The argument is further strengthened by the fact that alcohol does hamper the process of monthly cycles is established.

Alcohol leads to poor eating habits and in that food which has no nutrition at all. The ovulation process is smoothened only when a person is influenced by a healthy lifestyle.

Alcohol replaces such healthy meals, which makes women suffer. The first impact is on the menstrual cycle and the release of poor quality eggs from the ovaries. This leads to infertility, and alcohol plays a significant role in it.

3. Susceptibility to Sexually transmitted diseases

Alcohol delivers a false bravado. It creates a high that makes even timid women take risks. It temporarily erases individuality and makes the women take risks which she’d rather not take under normal circumstances.

They tend to participate in unhealthy sexual intercourse and that too unprotected often. Unsafe sex would lead to contracting sexual diseases, which will directly impact fertility. With longer exposures, it would kill it. And the process of recovery is a long road with almost no end.

4. Organ Damages

Alcohol, when consumed regularly, leads to ailments and destruction of internal organs. It damages heart, liver, pancreas and the neuron system, ultimately leading to the brain.

It will be nothing short of a miracle if women manage to conceive through such ailment and deliver a baby after ten months.

5. Hormones production

Estrogen plays a vital role in women’s ability to conceive. It is the female sex hormones that are required to strengthen the ovulation process.

Testosterone is the male sex hormones which are also produced by the woman, but with extreme limitation. Alcohol intake disrupts the process and tends to manufacture more Testosterone, which alters the menstrual cycle.

The net result is that the ovaries tend to lose weight and quality, leading to infertility.

The Bottom line for Women

If a woman does not have the habit of consuming alcohol, it’s better to stay that way.

In case they have the habit already, it’s best to limit it. It should be consumed occasionally and with restrictions too.

Drinking it through pregnancy is certainly not welcome at all.

Alcohol and Male Fertility

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The images depicted here are for informational purposes only. Not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Readers are expected to take the issue and views with health concerned mindset.

Alcohol consumption is generally identified with men more than women.

Many are oblivious to the fact that it affects their fertility. Any survey on these points is generally out of focus. Men are under the impression that it damages the liver and heart when had in excess.

However, the truth is that it damages more than what they suppose. It destroys their fertility to go a large extent.

Let us examine these factors which affect the Fertility of men due to Alcohol abuse:

1. The decline in interest having sex

Men experience difficulty in having an erection, and even if they succeed in that, they lose it quickly. Alcohol attacks the nervous system, which stops sending messages to the brain or slows it down, and these results in decrease of prolonged ejaculation and orgasm.

Alcohol also lowers the libido levels that are much required to heighten sexual interest.

All this results in low fertility.

2. Testosterone levels fall

Alcohol contains Ethanol, which has a detrimental effect on the reproduction system of men. One of the worst affected is the hormone called Testosterone, which heightens the libido functions and influences sex drive.

Alcohol in excess hampers the production of such Testosterone levels leading to low fertility.

3. Production of Sperm

Alcohol, when consumed at reasonable levels or rather occasionally, does not affect sperm production in men. Every day millions of sperms are created in men, even though only a slight percentage of it is quality enough to make a woman conceive.

Alcohol in excess can make sperms swim upward instead of in the right direction. It does kill the quality and quantity as the testicles shrink and unable to produce quality sperm.

4. Increases weight

Alcohol abuse by men does turn them infertile. Testicular atrophy resulting in lower production of Testosterone and the gonadotropin release is all affected by alcohol.

The weight increase is due to the consumption of alcohol, which has calories that are zero in nutrition.

The lack of nutrition affects the men’s reproductive organs, and the excess weight renders them useless. Stamina is lost along with energy levels and make them unfit for sexual intercourse as they ejaculate faster.

5. Diet patterns

Alcohol spoils your diet. The unhealthy zero calories fill the belly, leading to less consumption of food. And in that, less nutritious.

Poor diet leads to poor fertility due to a lack of nutrition.

Smoking and Women Fertility

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The images depicted here are for informational purposes only. Not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Readers are expected to take the issue and views with health concerned mindset.

Smoking a cigarette is the most comfortable lousy habit to indulge in. Many women are firm in their belief that only the lungs get affected. Little do they know it leads to cardiac arrest in the long run?

Anyway, it affects their chances of conceiving in the short run too.

Fertility is affected by smoking for women as we will discover in the passage below:

1. It affects the egg

A cigarette contains toxins like Nicotine, Carbon monoxide, and cyanide. When inhaled, it speeds up through the system via the lungs and hits the eggs in a women’s system. This causes the eggs to lose their fertility, and they may die in the process. Replacing them is impossible.

The other disastrous effect it has is that it advances menopause by nearly four years, and that destroys any chance of conceiving.

2. Smokers vs Non-smokers

Women who do not smoke have double the chance of conceiving compared to that of the smoker. The efficiency is also lost in the process. In other words, fertility goes down with every cigarette they smoke.

In case they do manage to conceive, the chances of a miscarriage are also prominent.

To top all this, assuming that they deliver the child, the chances are that the newborn may have an ailment like down syndrome more often than not.

3. Smoking through pregnancy

Many women tend to ignore the advice to stop smoking through pregnancy. The results are dangerous, as found below:

  • Male babies after becoming men would have a low sperm count.
  • The birth weight would be small, leading to complexities later on.
  • Asthma or other breathing issues is bound to stay lifelong.
  • The child is prone to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
4. Ectopic pregnancy

The Nicotine in Cigarettes leads to contractions, especially in the Fallopian tubes. The embryo faces a hurdle when such contractions occur. The outcome is Ectopic pregnancy. In this process, the fertilized egg plants itself outside the uterus instead of inside.

The wrong implant could be in the Fallopian tube or perhaps the abdomen.

Such implants cause a direct threat to the mother’s life and have to be removed immediately.

5. Premature Birth

When the expecting mother continues her habit smoke through pregnancy, there is more than a fair chance that the child may be delivered prematurely.

This causes congenital disabilities such as:

  • Dumb or deaf, or both together.
  • Mentally disabled.
  • Problems associated with:
    • Learning disability and behaviour.
    • A host of complications that can result in death only.
6. Placenta Previa

Smoking may cause Placenta Previa.

Upon conceiving, the placenta starts should grow in the uterus and at the top of the womb. The Cervix is now open for delivery.

The phenomenon occurs when the placenta does not emerge from the Uterus’s lower part and covers the cervix.

Being extremely fragile, the placenta tears open, leading to excessive bleeding. This prevents the foetus from receiving oxygen and nutrients.

Smoking and Men Fertility

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The images depicted here are for informational purposes only. Not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Readers are expected to take the issue and views with health concerned mindset.

Smoking does affect a male’s fertility. The various toxin chemicals take a toll on the system, including the reproductive system.

Found below are the ill-effects of smoking by men in relation to fertility:

1. Sperm DNA

DNA fragmentation occurs in the sperm of smoking males. This leads to infertility. Moreover, it causes harm to go embryo implantation, development resulting in miscarriages.

Smoking also tends to cause hormonal imbalances, which affect their fertility.

2. Morphology

The shape of the sperm should be perfect. If it assumes a different form, it cannot swim in the way it is supposed to, thus not fertilizing the egg. 

3. Sperm Quantity

There is s yardstick on how much sperm is found in a measured quantity. Smokers have a 23% lesser concentration than Non-smokers.

4. Motility

Sperms swim in a designated way. In case they are not able to, they are certainly not going to reach the egg and fertilize it. Studies have shown that a smoker experiences a 13 % decrease in such a motility rate than a non-smoker.

Smoking & Drinking effects on Fertility: FAQs

  • Q: Can’t a smoker have a healthy baby at all?
  • A: Yes, possible only if you quit smoking and try to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Quitting also leads to overall health, and the chances of a healthy baby are definite.
  • One must bear in mind that if smoking continues through pregnancy, it can result in preterm babies.
  • Q: Is the Ovulation process affected by alcohol?
  • A: Even with reduced drinking increases the period to get pregnant. Alcohol does affect the ovulation process and conceiving.
  • Q: Does passive smoking hurt pregnancy?
  • A: Yes, it certainly does, even though not to the extent of being a smoker yourself.
  • Q: Can Men indulge in Alcohol when involved in the process of conceiving?
  • A: It is strongly recommended that men stay away from alcohol for at least six months before attempting to engage in the conceiving process.

Conclusive remarks

It is evident from the above that smoking and alcohol are deterrents to the human reproduction process.

Women have to be more careful as they bear the weight for ten months.

It is best to indulge in such bad habits occasionally and not at all indulge in it when trying to conceive. This advice is for people who cannot get rid of the habit at all.

The human reproduction system is a wonder by itself. It would be a crime to let your child suffer for your indulgences. On the other hand, if you are not conceiving at all due to these habits, the joy of parenting goes amiss.

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Health & Wellness Coach: Smit Kumar believes in the philosophy of successful nutrition hunting mindset for the healthy body, mind and spirit.

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