Soya chunks Nutrition & 7 Best Health Benefits

Soya chunks: A popular meat of Vegans

Soya chunks or Soya nuggets or simply “Bari” is a deflated soy flour product that is prepared by a process called extrusion cooking. Soya chunks are often used as meat analogue and are popularly known as “meat of vegans” because of its meat-like chewy characteristic which is the aftermath of the water soaking.

Soya chunks nutrition which comprises high protein has roots in Soya bean pods which are located in the Soya plant. The Soya bean pods were first cultivated in China about 400 decades ago and soon its popularity elevated because of its rich nutrition value.

It is now cultivated across the globe with India having the lion share in Soya production. Soya Chunks nutrition which hosts 50% of vegetable proteins is the major reason for the tremendous popularity of Soya chunks among the vegan bodybuilders.

So in this article, we will have a glance at a wide array of the allure of Soya chunks and its health advantages.

Soya chunks Nutrition Facts

The nutrition facts for 100 grams of Soya Chunks are:

Carbs9.9 g
Fibre6 g
Protein16.6 g
Fat9 g
Why opt for Soya chunks over meat?

Soya chunks are a rich source of protein and its protein content is higher than chicken breast. Also, there are a wide array of spicy and mouth-watering dishes made of Soya chunks. On top of that Soya chunks have meat like chewing characteristic. Thus all these features are glaring reason to occasionally opt for Soya chunks over chicken.

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Do you know?

Soya chunks are called meat without bones because of its meat-like chewy characteristic after soaked in water. Soya chunks have a shelf life for more than a year if store in an airtight box in cool and dry place. Soya chunks outnumbered the protein content of eggs and chickens.

Major nutrients

Soya Chunks are the major source of plant-based protein.  The protein content of Soya chunks ranges from 36-56% of total dry weight. The 100 grams of boiled Soya chunks boasts around 16.6 grams of protein.

Glycinin and conglycinin are the two major types of proteins in Soya Chunks which account for 80% of gross protein content. Soy protein is also linked with a modest decrease in cholesterol scale in the body but can trigger an allergic reaction in some people. 


Soya Chunks boasts 9 grams of fat of total nutrients content in 100 grams. The fat content is almost 18% of the total dry weight of Soya Chunks which is mainly polyunsaturated and monosaturated fatty acids. Lineonic acid holds the lion share of total fat content in Soya Chunks nutrition.

It also hosts a small amount of saturated fat. The major boom of unsaturated fats is it lowers the bad cholesterol in the body which makes Soya Chunks even more vital part of our diet. 


The 100 grams of Soya Chunks nutrition is home of  9.9 grams of carbs. As it is low in carbs, hence Soya Chunks are suitable for people with diabetes. It is very low on the glycemic index (GI) which pictures how any food affects the blood sugar. 


The 100 grams of Soya Chunks nutrition boasts around 6 grams of fibre. It hosts a fair share of soluble and insoluble fibres. Alpha- galactosides are insoluble fibre which may lead to flatulence and diarrhoea in some individuals. The soluble fibres in Soya chunks are generally considered good for gut health and may scale down the risk of colon cancer. 

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin K1: Phylloquinone is a form of vitamin K found in Soya Chunks which plays a crucial role in blood clotting. 

Vitamin B9: It is also known as Folate has several health benefits and particularly considered vital during pregnancy. Soya Chunks host 305 μg of folate. 

Vitamin B1: It is also known as thiamine which plays an important role in many bodily functions. Soya Chunks boast around 0.7 mg of thiamine. 

Molybdenum: Soya chunks are rich in molybdenum whose major role is to remove toxic content from the body. 

Copper: Soya Chunks also hold a fair share of copper which is vital for heart health. 

Manganese: Soya chunks host around 290mg of manganese per 100 grams of nutritional value. 

Phosphorous: Soya Chunks is also a rich source of phosphorous which plays a key role in the biological process such as growth and repair of cells and DNA.

Soya chunks Fame
Soya chunks Nutrition & 7 Best Health Benefits_TNH
Delicious Soya Chunks Recipe Tips!

Soya chunks are a vital part of our households. It is used is a wide variety of dishes that lure our taste buds. There are a lot of spicy and tangy dishes containing Soya chunks like Soya chunks curry, Soya chunks masala dry, Soya chunks Manchurian. There is a never-ending list of mouth-watering dishes comprising of Soya chunks.

7 Best Health Benefits of  Soya Chunks
Healthy Bones

Soya chunks have a fair share of vitamins and minerals content. The high level of copper, manganese, zinc, and calcium promotes stronger bones. Many health experts believe that the long term intake of Soya chunks can be vital for treating grave problems like osteoporosis. So you must include Soya chunks in your diet to thwart diseases and to ensure stronger and healthier bones.

Better Digestion

Soya Chunks are also a rich source of soluble fibres which improves gut health. Fibres aids in the bulking of your stools and promote its smooth movements through intestines and exit from the body. Constipation can be a grave threat and can even lead to colorectal cancer. Soya chunks also host oligosaccharides which is a carbohydrate that stimulates the growth of healthy gut bacteria. 

Weight management

The major reason why Soya Chunks are adored across the globe is it can aid you to lose weight. As you know it contains a lion share of protein that has several health benefits. One of the key advantages is that it regulates insulin level which in turn can curb obesity. On top of that high protein allows the development of linear muscles. Many studies have accentuated that Soya chunks incorporate anti-obesity effects.  

Improve Blood Circulation

According to several studies, iron and copper are found in abundance in Soya chunks that are vital for the production of red blood cells (RBCs). Many health experts believe that an adequate amount of red blood cells in the body can aid in proper oxygen and blood flow to several body parts. Hence the regular intake of Soya chunks can improve the blood circulation resulting in maximized metabolic activity.  

Good for pregnancy

Soya chunks boast a good share of vitamin B complex and folic acid which are vital during pregnancy. The folic acid aids in prevention of neural tube defects in infants thus ensuring healthy delivery and healthy baby. 

Manage diabetes

The carbohydrates content is incredibly low in Soya chunks which makes it an anti-diabetic food. Many health experts believe that Soya chunks are capable of scaling up the insulin receptors in the body thus thwarting diabetes from occurring. It can also be a boon for a person already suffering from diabetes as it manages the disease effectively. 

Relieve sleep disorder

This is one of the primary benefits of Soya chunks which is obscure to many people. Many studies have revealed that an adequate diet of Soya chunks can reduce the occurrence of insomnia. It contains a fair amount of magnesium which is linked to restfulness and increasing the quality of your sleep. Thus regular intake of Soya chunks can help relieve your sleeping disorder.  

Soya Chunks: Q&A
  • Q: Can I eat a bowl of Soya chunks every day to meet my protein requirements?
  • A: Yes, Soya chunks are rich in protein and contain 56% of protein among the total soya chunks nutrition. The protein content is perhaps more than chicken breast and eggs and moreover, it is easier to digest. 
  • Q: Does eating Soya chunks regularly lead to gynecomastia?
  • A: Yes, excess intake of Soya chunks can also hamper fertility in males. Hence make sure you are consuming an adequate amount.  
  • Q: Do Soya chunks contain meat?
  • A: No, Soya chunks is a deflated soy flour product that is prepared by a process called extrusion cooking. 
  • Q: How long Soya chunks be soaked?
  • A: Soya chunks should be soaked for 20-25 minutes. After soaking it appear double in volume. 
When should you avoid or minimize Soya chunks?

In this article, I have elucidated a wide array of advantages of including soya chunks in your diet but it has some drawbacks as well. Many health experts have emphasized that the excess consumption of soya chunks can lead to hormonal imbalance.

The reports have also claimed that Soya chunks are linked to autoimmune thyroid diseases. Thus optimal consumption is key to acquire Soya chunks nutrition in a healthy way. 

Soya Chunks: All in all

Now we have covered everything about Soya chunks nutrition ranging from its nutrients value, top health benefits, popular Q&A, its side-effects, and its mouth-watering dishes.

The bottom line is that the adequate amount of Soya chunks can definitely elevate your health as it contains a lion share of protein. But you should avoid excess consumption because it might affect the hormonal balance of the body.

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